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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

By Holy Mother’s grace, experiences of on line meditation program on 14-7-2013 (5-9 pm, in English Language)

From: "Rahul Kumar" <>
Dear AtyourlotusfeetMother Yogis,

We want to thank you from bottom core of our hearts for conducting such a beautiful and vibrations filled online meditation sessions past Sunday. It is no doubt that when we all come together in our humility and sincerity at her lotus feet that we experience love, oneness and bliss that transcends all small problems, boundaries and differences that may weigh on our attention but is only a figment of illusion ephemeral. It is only demonstration of truth that there is no negativity that can surpass the power of pure love and all problems are only in place for the Leela that glorifies and exemplifies the power of love. It is such a immense gift and great blessings of our lives that we have experienced the greatest incarnation of our times that we live in a time when technology is a tool given by divine for us to come closer and grow together as a Sahaja Sangha and to spread her love. There are many around the world, who live in places where there is no collectivity nearby, or there are other constraints which becomes barrier to collectivity, in such cases Online meditation is such a beautiful medium of spreading divine message of Love.

And you all have become such pure instruments to this cause which is only more and more evident and testified by the numerous feedbacks of Sahaja yogis sharing their sublime experience on your blog and after each session. It is our heartfelt desire that you will continue to conduct such sessions online for US and whole world and with even higher frequency in times to come. Let this be an inspiration for everyone to see what miracles happen when her children worship her with one heart and mind at her lotus feet and let this become one great medium of spreading her love to every corner of this world and ulitmately let this be an expression of our own love and dedication to our divine mother, to whose sari we are all tied for time eternal.

Thank You all!  Thank you Shri Mataji!
Jai Shri Mataji
Rahul (On Behalf of Whole US National Council)

From: Carolyn Vance <>
Subject: July 14th Divine Meditation
Dear Yogis Who Were the Instruments for the July 14th Meditation:  We were able to be In Connection with Our Beloved Shri Adi Shakti nearly continuously...which was astounding! So much appreciate the support the team provided for us to not only enable Her to Give us the Deep Cleansing we needed, but now we have learned a much easier way to fulfill our pure desire to be in Doubtless Thoughtless Awareness.  We deeply appreciate the sacrifices the team made to provide The Meditation at a convenient time for many of us in the USA and to talk to us in English.  We will join the One Group happily along with every other Yogi ... for that's the reality. 
Jai Shri Mataji!
with much much love,
Carolyn Vance USA

From: Alan and Barbara Napper
Jai Shri Mataji
We were connected for the meditation last night and wanted to say thank for all the work in setting such an auspicious event.
We are hoping you will let us know when you have another online meditation so I can connect and enjoy again
Jai Shri Mataji
Alan and Barbara Napper

From: vijaya rengasamy <>
Dear Yogi brothers and sisters,
It was a tremendous experience and blisssful at Mother's Lotus Feet....truly enjoyed the meditation...bajans and stuthis....Sushumna Nadi Swamini....beautifully sung and joy giving...don't speak Hindi, however I was just enjoying. Now I want to learn Hindi language....Ma kirupa karo.
Thank you for this great online meditation.
Mother shower you with love always.
viji (Malaysia)

From: Mohini Harve
It was a state of absolute Niranand, absolute Nirvicharita and silence from start till end and even now still prevails.  Amazing vibrations was flowing out from my sahastrar which I felt was completely open and the connection to our Divine Holy Mother was so blissful.  I felt the clearing on chakras especially on the Agnya.  Could feel that we were sitting physically in a big collective enjoying the online meditation.  The connection with Shri Mataji was throughout the session and it was so easy effortless.  All what bhaiya was speaking I felt he was so very well connected to the Global collective.  The bhajans were absolutely beautiful and full of vibrations.
It was a blessing to the Gulf countries since we have relaxed working hours during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan and we could attend without taking off from work. 
Thank you Shri Mataji for your infinite blessings and big thank you to all brothers and sisters for sharing divine vibrations through this online session.
With Nirmal Love
Mohini, Dubai

From: Svetlana Perkis <>
The most precision moment began after all. Time was dissolved in oneness that has no description by words. 
Jai Shri Mataji!

From: Sunita <>
Subject: Thanks for spreading the love and joy
Jai Shri Mataji,
I had the privilege of attending the meditation today. It's rather difficult to describe the experience in words because it was much beyond that. Feeling blissful and silent from within after establishing the deep connection with Shri Mataji and all brothers sisters in the world. Will pray for her divine blessings in keeping all of us together and spreading her love to the world.
Thank you connecting everyone with bonds of true love. I live in the far land of America and never felt for a moment the distance. The four hours passed away in five minutes!!!
Thanks for doing this meditation and reaffirming the need to be one with our divine Mother.

From: Prashant Sachdeva <>
Subject: feelings-Thoughtlessness
Dear Mother,
The meditation today brought me closer to you, at your Lotus Feet the comfort,joy,security and love that was felt is beyond any words.
"Shri Maa" thanks for being our Mother and thanks for this amazing meditation today!!!
Thanks to all brothers and Sisters for conducting the meditation!!!!
"Jai Shri Mata Ji"
With lots of Love

From: Vikrant Chouhan
Jai Shri Mataji,
It was so beautiful to see an uplift in vibratory awareness when we directly offer prayers to Shri Mataji.
Also, I was overjoyed to observe how Shri Mataji , gives us the words to pray to HER and the actualisation of that and lateron talks to us directly. The guru puja clip, in which Shri Mataji stated that we need to pray that Shri Mataji, you're my manager and that would cleanse our left channel, is one such example. Let me elaborate this a little.
This experience comes from my ordeal in the corporate world (that I stepped into, a few years ago). Intially, I would feel bogged down by all the animosity, jealousy and indifference of corporates and also the so-called leaders/managers/bosses. One fine day, my heart prayed to Shri Mataji that Mother you are my employer and you are my manager (this is what I had learnt in Ganapatipule seminars - that Mother is everything, albeit on a meditative level).Mother, you're the one who manages everything for me and since then by Mother's grace,I have been able to thrive beautifully in that environment. Whenever I  felt low, this prayer opened my heart and I would feel Mother Kundalini blessing on the Sahastrara chakra. When I shared this prayer with some more yuva shakti brothers and sisters in need, they would also feel strengthened.
So, during the broadcast, when I heard Mother's words, I felt so joyous to learn how Shri Mataji had been guiding me all these years even though I had never heard this clip before. I simply used to remember Shri Mataji from  my heart and SHE had been guiding my heart to not just bow down but also gave the exact words to express the prayer.
"Nidra teri, tandraa teri, ashru terey, muskaan teri"
With Nirmal Love

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