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Monday, December 20, 2010


By the garce of Shri Mataji a Sahaja Yoga meditation workshop was recently organised by the Ambala Collectivity in their city which was attended by about 300 yogis from Haryana, Punjab, Jammu, Himachal, Delhi and other nearby places on 19th December 2010. The workshop was a blissful experience for all in which many experienced the bliss of thoghlessness without any efforts by just offering prayers at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother.

Photograph Link :

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Param Pujya Shri Mataji’s infinite love and compassion for her children all over the world is so powerful that we instantly feel it in our heart whenever we all collectively remember her with a pure and surrendered heart, mind, soul and entire being. Sahaji brothers and sisters from Jammu and Delhi collectivity recently had an opportunity to experience and witness this miraculous joy of divine love during a workshop conducted by the collectivity of Jammu in their town on 11th and 12th September 2010 recently.  A Sahaj workshop and collective meditation at Jammu is very significant because J&K region of India is one of the most affected place with terrorism and unrest since past many decades and people are suffering. Only divine blessings can bring peace here as all the humanly efforts of various Governments and political leaders have miserably failed to bring peace so far in this part of India.

This workshop was a very unique and beautiful experience for everyone because of its spontaneity and earnestness in making everyone realize that
Shri Mataji’s Photograph is an enlightened Photograph which is emitting
Vibrations and infinite powers of her love all the time. Most of the time when we sit to Meditate before the photograph we are thinking about our Nadis and Chakras or our some other
personal problems i.e. our attention is on ourselves. Our Guru, Param Pujya Shri Mataji is Adishakti and her powers are so miraculous that she can clear all our problems, Channels or Chakras or anything provided we are surrendered to her and SHE is residing in our attention. Her name “Shri Mataji” is so powerful that as soon as we remember it in our heart with utmost surrender and feeling of devotion - we immediately start becoming thoughtless, light and peacful. Gradually without any efforts we start feeling immense Love and Joy of Her divine omni presence.

On first day, as all collectively opened their hand in front of the Mother’s Photograph and simply prayed to her to give a desire to be in meditation, gradually Shri Mataji’s power started working it out and people started enjoying it inwardly. This was followed with collective singing of few Bhajans in praise of the Devi followed by audio clips from Mother’s talks.  The attention of the people started humbling down and all prayed to Mother to bring the attention of the whole collectivity towards the Goddess, omnipotent omni present our Guru and Shri Adishakti Shri Mataji. During 
this meditation  a very sweet experience was to remember the Mahamantara ‘Shri Mataji” “Shri Mataji” “Shri Mataji” in our heart with a feeling of complete surrender and belief. This reciting of powerful Mahamantra “Shri Mataji” made us spontaneously and effortlessly absolutely thoughtless-Nirvichar samadhi. Each one of us started enjoying the bliss from Holy Mother as Shri Mataji’s divine presence in our attention started to enlighten our chakras and nadis without any efforts . A  very soft instrumental music based on Sahaja song— “Shri Mataji -Shri Mataji You have given us this universe…. started playing in the background everyone was enjoying deep silence inside and a blissful divine joy. Words are not enough to describe this divine meditative state at that time.Everyone felt absolute oneness with Shri Mataji without any thoughts or any myths formed by following other humanly advices and teachings obstructing our proximity to Shri Mataji.

We also practically experienced that if anybody is feeling any problems with any chakra or Nadis then we just have to open our left hand in front of the photograph and place our right hand on affected chakra or part of the body and remember Mother and leave it to Mother’s powers to remove the problem. It was also emphasized to everyone to regularly listen to Shri Mataji’s talks and follow all the cleansing methods like Foot Soaking, Candling and Shoe beating etc. as advised by Her Holiness Shri Mataji. As the whole atmosphere got filled with Param Chaitanya two videos showing How Mother’s powerful Photograph helps us in our day to day life were shown. One was a video presentation of story of a blind Girl who was able to achieve a phenomenal career by the blessings of Shri Mataji by adopting Sahaja Yoga and helped in becoming a Chartered Accountant which is the highest qualification in Accounting field. Other miraculous story was  how a complete village got rid of chronic habit of Drinking country liquor in huge quantity. This happenning also led to the local Police post of that village to start doing Sahaja Yoga regularly. News of UNESCO adopting Sahaja Yoga Meditation in America was also shown. Second video was ‘Experiment with Vega Machine’ This video demonstrated how Mother’s Photograph emits vibrations which can cure human beings miraculously. It was shown scientifically by a person that Mother’s Photo is so powerful and has divine energies that  Mere holding of photo in the hand the person is filled with this divine energy and energy level of that persons get changed which were much below normal.

After such a wonderful experience , like an instant, already more than 5 hours had passed and it was  7 pm in the evening. It was decide to have a morning Meditation next day at 6 am followed by workshop ( better to call prayers session from humble hearts to Shri Mataji)  at 9 am.

Next day morning Mother’s talk of year 1990 Shri Ganesha Puja, Ganpatipule  was played followed by silent collective meditation.  Again everyone was effortlessly enjoying the blissful vibrations. 

More Sahaja yogis joined from other nearby places of Jammu and beautiful actualization of effortless Meditation by the divine love and blessings of Shri Mataji  was experienced manifold in our system. The workshop concluded late in the afternoon with everybody joyfully enjoying Mother’s powerful love. In the end, after Aarti, a collective bandhan was given for the establishment of Peace in the whole Jammu and Kashmir region.

Supreme blessings of Parama Pujya Shri Mataji and Jammu collectivity’s selfless efforts made this Sahaja Yoga workshop a precious memorable sweet learning experience for everyone in which the blissful experience of taking the Mahamantra of “Shri Mataji” which enlightens our chakras, nadis or any sick part of the body making it cured, was witnessed in practical.

 Jai Shri Mataji

Monday, August 9, 2010

PANCHKULA, 8 August 2010

By the grace of Param Pujya Shri Mataji a one day meditation workshop was held at Panchkula on 8th August 2010 which was attended by about 200 sahaja yogis from Punjab, Chandigarh, Solan and New Delhi. Everyone experienced the bliss of thoughtlessness and oneness with the all pervading powers of Shri Mataji effortlessly by simply offering humble prayers and expressing our desire to be one with HER. The program was organised by the Chandigarh collectivity along with yogi brothers and sisters from Delhi.
Jai Shri Mataji

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sahaj Programme tour in Birganj, Nepal (8th to 11th Apr 2010)

Sahaj Yogi Jan at your Lotus Feet Shri Mataji

Most Respected Papaji,

Saadar Pranam.

The entire Birganj, Nepal region collectivity and all the Sahaj yogis from Delhi collectivity who went to Biraganj for Sahaj Programs from 8th to 11th April 2010 are eternally indebted as your gracious call instilled in us the great divine energy of Shri Mataji who is the supreme Power in this universe. With our Holy Mother’s precious blessings and love, every step - like holding a large scale Public Program, a series of Meditation programs and a Havan for the collectivity of Birganj and nearby towns, was full of Divine bliss, making everything so easy and smooth and full of immense joy which is only possible with Shri Mataji’s Kripa.

Adarniya Papaji, your humility, magnanimity and concern for all the children of Shri Mataji is so great that it will take us very long to be worthy of even a fraction of it.

We are presenting here a summary of all the Sahaj Yoga events held in Birganj and this is nothing but Shri Mataji’s blessings on Birganj collectivity as well as entire Nepal region.

Entry Gate of Nepal Border

Announcing about Sahaj Yoga Public Prog.

We reached Birganj on 8th April morning when a state Bandh (strike) was being observed in that area. All the establishments, shops and hotels were closed. Movement of vehicles was not allowed but by the grace of Divine Mother they allowed only our vehicles to pass through. This was the first miracle by the grace of Shri Mataji that we experienced the moment we entered Nepal. On reaching the hotel the first thing we heard was the announcement of the Sahaj public program on a PA system out side our hotel.

Sahaj Yog Public Prog. publicity advertisements in Newspapers

It felt so good that one of the Sahaj yogis went out and brought a beautiful pamphlet of the Sahaj Yog public program from them. A scanned copy of this beautiful pamphlet is enclosed herewith. This pamphlet was prepared by the Birganj coordinator Mrs. Samita Subedi. She had prepared it after reading and listening to Shri Mataji’s speeches. We were extremely delighted to see that entire Birganj was covered with Shri Mataji’s Photos on the banners, posters and hoardings, vibrating the whole city. We took snaps of these which are enclosed. One can feel the love and dedication of Birganj Yuva Shakti and collectivity by just looking at them. The Birganj Collectivity had been making preparations for these programs for the last one month.

The Public program was also widely publicized on FM radio and regional Newspapers through ads.

Hoardings and Banners vibrating Birganj, Nepal

In the evening Sahaji brothers and sisters came to meet us. People were so full of Shri Mataji’s love that we all felt like sitting together to meditate and go deeper in oneness with Shri Mataji. By Mother’s grace, for meditation, we got dining hall of the hotel as a gift which is not available to others except during meals. In the beginning, Mr. Natraj sang a few stutis of our Goddess Mother and everyone could experience the omnipresence of Shri Mataji at that time. It was so joyful that all Sahaj yogis felt how effortlessly they could clear themselves just by taking the all powerful name “Shri Mataji” “Shri Mataji” with full Bhakti and Shradha in our hearts.

Meditation bliss in the Morning

Next day on 9th April many Sahaj yogi’s of Birganj collectivity arrived at 6 am and the same dining room was converted into a meditation hall, once again. The Nepal region is having a shortage of electricity so, in anticipation, a Sahaj yogi, Mr. Vinod Negi from Delhi had especially brought an improvised DVD player with built in powerful PA system running on a portable rechargeable battery for uninterruptedly conducting collective Sahaj programs which proved its usefulness every time. During the collective morning Meditation, Mother’s stutis were sung by Mr. Natraj and in-between excerpts of Mother’s speeches were played advising the importance of Surrendering at Her lotus feet and achieving the state of Nirvicharita. This blissful experience of inner peace and oneness with the Mother made everyone full of joy and motivation and all decided to collectively meditate once again in the evening. The Birganj collectivity had arranged a Dharmshala nearby with rooms and two big halls for Meditation and dining and accommodating Sahaji brothers and sisters. We all shifted to the Dharmshala to stay together to enjoy our Mother’s unique gift of Sahaj collectivity and divine love. Everyone was presented a very special and beautiful hand made badge with Shri Mataji’s Photograph by the Birganj collectivity.

Hand made Mother’s Badge

Havan clearing yogis and Birganj city

Hoardings and Banners vibrating Birganj, Nepal

In the evening, we all proceeded to local Sahaja Yoga center in the Lions club building at a walking distance from the Dharmshala. The Havan was attended by so many yogis that the entire hall was full and there was hardly any place to sit. After the Aarti a special message of Param Pujya Shri Mataji, for the Birganj collectivity, conveying Her love and wishes for the spreading of Her message of Sahaj Yog was announced.This message was very affectionately conveyed by our adrniya Papaji, Sir CP so that every child of Mother could enrich himself with the great powers of Divine love. The whole collectivity was overjoyed and extremely happy to hear this auspicious message and they acknowledged it with a long thunderous applause. Mr. Prem Bahadur Basnet, Nepal coordinator also joined us, coming all the way from Katmandu to participate in the Birganj Sahaj programs. It is a beautiful example of brotherhood of Shri Mataji’s Sahaj family. After listening the divine message everyone spontaneously meditated by remembering the name “Shri Mataji” “Shri Mataji” in our hearts and praying to Her to make us feel Her love. Everyone re-experienced that how effortlessly we can go in meditation of Shri Mataji, feel unique peacefulness within and blissful state of thoughtlessness by Her divine grace.

After returning from the Havan, the Yuva Shakti from Delhi and Birganj collectively started making articles of decoration for the Public program. Till late night, the whole place was reverberating with the love of Divine Mother and the joy of Her children sitting together and sharing their Sahaj experiences while preparing for the Public Program.

Morning of 10th April started with collective meditation and the whole hall was packed with Sahaj Yogis from Birganj, nearby towns, villages like Khaliya, Bagah, and Katmandu etc.. Everyone was delighted to feel the power of the love of our holy Mother and once again, all meditated by praying to Her by singing Her stutis and taking Her all powerful name “Shri Mataji” “Shri Mataji” in our hearts. It was followed by a very powerful speech of the Mother on Her Birthday Puja held in Delhi in 1992. After the meditation, everyone shared a heavenly experience of oneness with Almighty Mother.

Meditation in Dharmshala Hall

In the afternoon, everyone proceeded to the City Town Hall which was a very ancient looking prestigious auditorium of Birganj with a good sitting capacity. As the people started trickling in around 1 pm the program began with Shri Ganesh vandana and rendering of Sahaja bhajans by the Birgang Yuva Shakti bubbling with love and joy. Within no time, the ground floor Hall was packed and people had to be requested to sit on the first floor balcony. After the Bhajans as people started feeling the vibrations, a very engrossing and beautiful presentation about the discovery and advancement of Sahaja Yoga was made by way of a beautiful Dance Drama prepared by the children and Yuva Shakti of Birganj. Three very young girls of 5-7 years age group came on the stage dressed up as Three Powers of Shri Mataji, the Adishakti, singing a very cute rhyming poem “Talaalam Taalam mein Adishakti ki Shakti Hun…….” which had everyone in rapt attention glued to the stage. This whole dance drama was choreographed and anchored by Mrs. Samita Subedi, Birganj District coordinator, which presented beautifully in most effective, unique and memorable way the complete journey of Sahaj Yoga. After the Dance Drama, the Public was ready and eager to receive their self realisation and coordinator of Birganj invited Mr. Natraj from Delhi on the stage to conduct the Realisation Program. To the enjoyment and pleasant surprise of the people the realisation was conducted by briefly explaining the human subtle system and Kundalini, a DVD of Shri Mataji’s very absorbing speech followed by realisation, was played. The audience was spellbound and there was a pin drop silence as the people went into spontaneous meditation after receiving their realisation. No body was in a hurry to go back even after continuously sitting in a packed hall for more than 5 hours. We felt all this was the result of all powerful presence of The Divine Mother in everybody’s attention. People started leaving only after hearing the announcement of the end of the program and the details of further follow-ups. Everyone’s face was glowing with inner peace and joy and it was a sight, which can never be forgotten. This greatly successful Sahaj Public Program received extensive coverage in Newspapers and TV channel (TERAI) of Birganj district the next day.

Dance Drama during Sahaj Yog Public Program at City Town Hall

Sahaj Yog Public Program at City Town Hall

Newspaper coverage of the Sahaj Yog Public Program

After returning from the Public Program everyone was bubbling with joy and the Nepal Yuva Shakti requested Delhi Music group to teach them new Bhajans in which all the yogis joined and it turned into an impromptu Musical Night in the Nirakar presence of the Divine Mother in front of her photograph.

The next day i.e. on 11th April more new Sahaj Yogis joined for the morning meditation and it was conducted in the same way as previous day and within no time everyone was enjoying the blissful blessing of Nirvicharita granted by our Divine Mother as soon as we surrender ourselves to Her and take Her powerful name with Bhakti and Shradha. The dedication, devotion and love of Birganj yogis was heavenly blessed with the auspicious message of Shri Mataji for the Public and other Programs and all the yogis clapped with shear happiness and gratitude for the divine blessings and care of our Mother for Her children all over the world.

Mr. Prem Bdr. Basnet

Country Coordinator, Nepal

Invitations of Sahaj Yog Public Program

The whole day, interaction among yogis went on with all helping each other about meditation and Nirvicharita by sharing views and clearing each other through candling and exchanging vibrations as per the individual requirements.

A prominent Doctor from Delhi, Dr. Poonam Sharma explained to the collectivity that although Medical science is there to cure our diseases but we can keep ourselves healthy only by regularly meditating. She cited her own miraculous experience when only by Shri Mataji’s grace and love and powers very soon she permanently got cured of a difficult eye problem.

She described how Mother’s supreme powers can cure anybody on this earth who meditates and prays to Her Photograph. Her photograph is so powerful which emits vibrations and sucks out all our medical and other worldly problems because Mother is Sakaar in her Nirakar form everywhere. She also narrated the experiences of Doctor Chugg who received Phd degree, alongwith one more Doctor, in Sahaja Yoga from prestigious Lady Harding Medical College of New Delhi. He researched that Sahaj Yoga meditation brings down temperature of the hands and also changes the skin resistance which is attributable to the emission of vibrations from the photograph of Shri Mataji. These changes were not observed with any other photographs.

Later in the evening Birganj collectivity presented Nepalese bhajans in praise of Mother and everybody was soaked in Vibrations.

Entrance of Dharmshala with Meditation Hall where all the yogis stayed

Humble Birganj district coordinator serving tea to yogis

On the last day, i.e. on 12th morning after collectively singing few bhajans everyone had tears of love in the eyes as we took leave with a very strong bond of love for our brothers and sisters of Birganj and Nepal. By the grace of our Holy Mother, we were to experience another miracle shortly. The Mao extremists in Nepal had given a call for a country wide Strike and lock out and no vehicles were to be allowed on the roads. Everyone was apprehensive how we will reach the Railway Station at Sugaoli, Bihar. India with lot of luggage. But by the grace of the Divine Mother we received the news that the strike was canceled and we were able to get vehicles for our destination without any hindrance whatsoever.

This visit of Delhi collectivity was greatly helped by the guidance of Shri Nalgirkar Ji who coordinated with Mrs. Samita Subedi and shared his valuable experiences on organizing and coordinating all the programs in most beautiful way for the maximum benefit of the collectivity to imbibe the teachings of the Holy Mother. He was to join the Delhi collectivity in this tour but due to pressing official commitments could not come.

Gen.V K Kapoor, of National Trust of India and Chairman of Vertical Growth committee for spreading of Sahaj Yog, conveyed good wishes and gave lot of encouragement for the Birganj Nepal Program.

From Delhi collectivity Mr.Natraj helped in Music, Meditation and Public Program, Mr. Vinod Negi for DVD player which was specially made by him to run on portable battery. He also provided accompaniment on Harmonium and key board to singers, Mr. Vikas for playing Tabla and helping yogis with candling. Mr. Ashok and Mr. Sachin for Yuva Shakti for all around help in Sahaj programs. Deepak Malaviya for arranging and handling DVDs for Meditations and Public Program and also videography. Mr. Prem Mishra for coordination and interaction with the Nepal and Birganj collectivity. Mr. Pradeep Chauhan for general support. Mrs. Veena Negi for interacting with Sahaja Yoginis. Dr. Poonam for explaining medical aspects of Sahaj Yog.

We all bow down to Mother for granting us this once in a lifetime opportunity. Especially for The divine message which was conveyed by Papaji with all his fatherly encouragement and love for Children of the Mother which encouraged everyone to spread the message of Shri Mataji in Birganj, Nepal.

Most Respected Papaji, we are extremely grateful for your constant encouragement and inspiration for spreading Shri Mataji’s love and teachings.

Highest Regards,

Children of Mother.

Natraj K Phani

Deepak Malaviya

Vinod Negi

Prem Mishra

Pradeep Chauhan

and accompanying Yogis, Yoginis and Yuva Shakti from Delhi collectivity for this tour of Birganj, Nepal.

Blessings of Param Pujya Shri Mataji


Sunil Sharma,

Natraj K Phani,

Deepak Malaviya,

Vinod Negi,

Prem Mishra,

Pradeep Chauhan,

From C.P. Srivastava

SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI is extremely pleased to receive your heartening message about the most successful Sahaja Yoga programme conducted by yourselves together with the accompanying yogis, yoginis and Yuva Shakti from Delhi, in Birganj, Nepal with the whole-hearted support of Shrimati Samita Subedi, the Birganj Co-ordinator and Shri Prem Bahadur Basnet, Nepal Co-ordinator. You all have set a marvellous example of what needs to be done in all parts of this troubled world.

SHRI MATAJI conveys her love and blessings to you all as well to Shrimati Samita Subedi and Shri Prem Bahadur Basnet. SHE would like her love and blessings to be conveyed also to General Kapoor and Shri Nalgirkar.

Please accept my heartiest congratulations for spreading so well SHRI MATAJI’s message of SAHAJA YOGA – PURE LOVE FOR ALL.

C.P. Srivastava

Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 04:44:42 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Message from Shri Mataji and Sir C.P.

From C.P. Srivastava

To Mrs. Samita Subedi


SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI is very happy to know from a message sent by Nikku Sharma that you, alongwith the National Coordinator, Nepal, Prem Bdr. Basnet, organized an extremely successful public program for spreading SHRI MATAJI’S holy message of SAHAJA YOGA. SHE conveys to you all her love and blessings and wishes you all success in your future programmes.

Please share with us your feelings/comments etc at SAHAJYOGIJAN@GMAIL.COM

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Agra, 7 th February 2010

By the grace of Param Pujya Shri Mataji, a one day Meditation workshop was organised by the Agra collectivity along with yogi brothers and sisters from Delhi. It was a blissful experience for everyone as all experienced the joy of attaining the divine blessing of Shri Mataji who is Nirvicharita pradayni (thoughtlessness).This workshop was attended by about 300 yogis from Agra, Delhi and nearby places.

Jai Shri Mataji

Monday, January 18, 2010

Guwahati Seminar 14-16 January 2010

The Seminar was scheduled from 14th to 16th Jan 2010. The two days long seminar at Guwahati was an outstanding experience. The quality of vibrations was remarkable symbolizing the inner purity and love that yogis extended for all. It indeed was a proof of the fact that when Sahaja collectivity gathers to praise our most Divine Mother and share love for each other, only vibrations- paramchaitanya prevails. The fairly large gathering of Sahaja yogis seemed inspired by the flow of divine love and this was manifested by sparkling in their eyes with the brightness on their faces.The programme was attended by 435 Sahaja Yogis (registered) which included 197 from the rest of India and 238 from NE region. First day started in the evening with Havan. Next day started with morning meditation follwed by collective meditation conducted by Delhi Sahaja yogis. This meditation actualised the experience of attaining Thoughtlessness effortlessly by just praying to Shri Mataji with complete devotion and dedication instead of getting involved mechanically into techniques. This session was a divine experience in which yogi listened with rapt attention to many Audio clips of Shri Mataji speeches and bhajans sung in HER glory.  The seminar proceeded with presentations on medical aspects and discussions on spreading of Sahaja yoga in NE region. There was a beautiful cultural programme presented by the Guwahati collectivity on 2nd day. On the last day of the seminar a Public Program was held whcih was attended by about 250 seekers and they all felt the Cool Breeze and peace after Self Realisation Programe. The Programme was conducted by Delhi collectivity. This was followed by a blissful Puja at the  Lotus feet of Devi and our Guru Shri Mataji. The programme concluded with sharing of experience and feeling of deep Love among Sahaja Yogis and  everyone started departing with joy and wonderful divine experience by the grace and blessings of Shri Mataji.

Photograph Link :

Jai Shri Mataji