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Monday, January 18, 2010

Guwahati Seminar 14-16 January 2010

The Seminar was scheduled from 14th to 16th Jan 2010. The two days long seminar at Guwahati was an outstanding experience. The quality of vibrations was remarkable symbolizing the inner purity and love that yogis extended for all. It indeed was a proof of the fact that when Sahaja collectivity gathers to praise our most Divine Mother and share love for each other, only vibrations- paramchaitanya prevails. The fairly large gathering of Sahaja yogis seemed inspired by the flow of divine love and this was manifested by sparkling in their eyes with the brightness on their faces.The programme was attended by 435 Sahaja Yogis (registered) which included 197 from the rest of India and 238 from NE region. First day started in the evening with Havan. Next day started with morning meditation follwed by collective meditation conducted by Delhi Sahaja yogis. This meditation actualised the experience of attaining Thoughtlessness effortlessly by just praying to Shri Mataji with complete devotion and dedication instead of getting involved mechanically into techniques. This session was a divine experience in which yogi listened with rapt attention to many Audio clips of Shri Mataji speeches and bhajans sung in HER glory.  The seminar proceeded with presentations on medical aspects and discussions on spreading of Sahaja yoga in NE region. There was a beautiful cultural programme presented by the Guwahati collectivity on 2nd day. On the last day of the seminar a Public Program was held whcih was attended by about 250 seekers and they all felt the Cool Breeze and peace after Self Realisation Programe. The Programme was conducted by Delhi collectivity. This was followed by a blissful Puja at the  Lotus feet of Devi and our Guru Shri Mataji. The programme concluded with sharing of experience and feeling of deep Love among Sahaja Yogis and  everyone started departing with joy and wonderful divine experience by the grace and blessings of Shri Mataji.

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Jai Shri Mataji