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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mother May we all exist Only To Please You. With your divine blessings these are 14th April on Line Meditation program's experiences and feedbacks:

From: anil kumar sharma

koti-koti dhanyawad shrimataji aapka.aap ki banai online meditation team ke madhyam se 14 april 2013 ko chaitanya ki ganga main snaan kiya. meditation ki suruat main stiti achhi nahin thi,lekin dhire dhire...sab kuchh santulit hone laga.santulan ke baad maa ka teebra sneh hamen apane hathon aur sahstrar par mahsoos hone laga.hamara ek small sa sahaj yog centre hai,jisme ham sunday ko hi dhyan karte hain. aap ke dwara karaye gaye Maa ke dhyan se ek naye sahaj yogi pati-patni bhi bahut abhibhoot ho Maa ki hi kripa hai ki ek naye sahaj yogi ko itna jaldi ehasas kara diya jo ham apne centre par sayad adhik samay de kar ehsas kara pate.
              hamara Maa se anurodh hai ki ATYOURLOTUSFEETMOTHER teem ko isee prakar active rakhen. thanks to AYLFM team and MAA KO KOTI KOTI NAMAN....JAISHRI MATAJI

From: Madhurima Kumar
Jai Shri Mataji
It has been a wonderful experience till now and I desire from my heart that we all become beautiful instruments of our mother's love and spread this beauty everywhere. Thankyou for everything.
Thankyou for keeping us in balance and at your lotus feet Mother.
Mother May I Exist Only To Please You.


From: deepika bhatnagar
jai shri mataji!thanks to shri ma It was very nice experience. it was much better transmission quality which also helped in getting great experience. felt very light peaceful and joyous also thoughtless for long time.  also felt good when asked to observe mother's power of love in action on ida naadi. felt very clear afterwards and wanted to enjoy silence. also after telling my current problem felt weightless in the head region. always look forward to this nice jagrat  collective meditation online. would love to see that it is more frequent if possible. may be 2 times a month. thanks to the whole team.
Deepika Bhatnagar
From: Divyendu Nath
Subject: Thanks for showing us the path to spiritual ascent.
We go so far from you, busy in our work and loose our connection.This online meditation of yours every time remind  us the the reason of our existence and completely drench us  in your divine love and bliss that make us so joyous and light.
Not only this it has completely transformed our way on meditation and brought us more close to you.
This is a revolution that every time give the us experience of  protection contentment and thoughtlessness that can't be expressed in words.
The online meditation has showing and guiding us to the right path of our spiritual ascent.
Please do not forget us in the next online meditation programme.
With Love,
Divyendu Nath.

Jai Shree Mathaji
Just by taking Mothers name , we could feel the flow of paramachaithanya in our subtle system..Her immense love ,blessings and peace fortunate we are to be one in this online meditation program and enjoy the collective at Her Lotus Feet..
“sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja...” is a beautiful quote...whatever dharma we belong to, or whatever duty we are doing as a Mother , father, wife or husband...we should completely surrender it at her Lotus Feets so that she is the incharge of all that and our only job is to have the pure desire and attention at her Lotus Feet and enjoy complete vibrations...” Shri Mataji ..please bless us with this beautiful state ...” As our brother keeps repeating...She is the Eshwar ...she is the Parameshwar...She is the Brahmanda...this has to be instilled very strongly in each of our hearts...and the beauty is ..we can feel this by just calling out her name with full bakthi and the pure desire to feel the oneness with Her...

Today in the moring session when we kept our right hand in different chakras we could just feel the presence of our Mother beautiful...No more have we to worry abt any catches...and this is not going to bother us during our meditation when we are just going to take the name of the Parameshwari...We could all feel the beautiful Nirvicharatha....The bhajans were so soothing and enhanced the flow of vibrations...just looking forward for the afternoon session...

With wishes
Jai Shri Mataji, After attending the morning meditation at our local centre, I was very eager to sit down and enjoy the online meditation today. I could do so only at about 1220 hrs. As soon as I sat for the same I felt immediately the opening of my Shasrara very prominently and tremendous vibrations were pouring out. I felt deeply connected to the all pervading power, to the Divine Mother. And for the next one hour I enjoyed the unlimited vibrations and tears of happiness came out from my eyes. At that moment I prayed to Shri Mataji that every human being on this Earth should get this divine experience, ultimate joy and happiness. I pray to our Divine Mother that all human beings should get the blessings of the Adi Shakti in their heart. Thank you for this programme and eagerly waiting to enjoy further this heavenly experience and most precious moments in the next session.
Mahua Bose
jai shree mataji today i am very excited as today is online meditation

jai shree mataji