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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Param Pujya Shri Mataji’s infinite love and compassion for her children all over the world is so powerful that we instantly feel it in our heart whenever we all collectively remember her with a pure and surrendered heart, mind, soul and entire being. Sahaji brothers and sisters from Jammu and Delhi collectivity recently had an opportunity to experience and witness this miraculous joy of divine love during a workshop conducted by the collectivity of Jammu in their town on 11th and 12th September 2010 recently.  A Sahaj workshop and collective meditation at Jammu is very significant because J&K region of India is one of the most affected place with terrorism and unrest since past many decades and people are suffering. Only divine blessings can bring peace here as all the humanly efforts of various Governments and political leaders have miserably failed to bring peace so far in this part of India.

This workshop was a very unique and beautiful experience for everyone because of its spontaneity and earnestness in making everyone realize that
Shri Mataji’s Photograph is an enlightened Photograph which is emitting
Vibrations and infinite powers of her love all the time. Most of the time when we sit to Meditate before the photograph we are thinking about our Nadis and Chakras or our some other
personal problems i.e. our attention is on ourselves. Our Guru, Param Pujya Shri Mataji is Adishakti and her powers are so miraculous that she can clear all our problems, Channels or Chakras or anything provided we are surrendered to her and SHE is residing in our attention. Her name “Shri Mataji” is so powerful that as soon as we remember it in our heart with utmost surrender and feeling of devotion - we immediately start becoming thoughtless, light and peacful. Gradually without any efforts we start feeling immense Love and Joy of Her divine omni presence.

On first day, as all collectively opened their hand in front of the Mother’s Photograph and simply prayed to her to give a desire to be in meditation, gradually Shri Mataji’s power started working it out and people started enjoying it inwardly. This was followed with collective singing of few Bhajans in praise of the Devi followed by audio clips from Mother’s talks.  The attention of the people started humbling down and all prayed to Mother to bring the attention of the whole collectivity towards the Goddess, omnipotent omni present our Guru and Shri Adishakti Shri Mataji. During 
this meditation  a very sweet experience was to remember the Mahamantara ‘Shri Mataji” “Shri Mataji” “Shri Mataji” in our heart with a feeling of complete surrender and belief. This reciting of powerful Mahamantra “Shri Mataji” made us spontaneously and effortlessly absolutely thoughtless-Nirvichar samadhi. Each one of us started enjoying the bliss from Holy Mother as Shri Mataji’s divine presence in our attention started to enlighten our chakras and nadis without any efforts . A  very soft instrumental music based on Sahaja song— “Shri Mataji -Shri Mataji You have given us this universe…. started playing in the background everyone was enjoying deep silence inside and a blissful divine joy. Words are not enough to describe this divine meditative state at that time.Everyone felt absolute oneness with Shri Mataji without any thoughts or any myths formed by following other humanly advices and teachings obstructing our proximity to Shri Mataji.

We also practically experienced that if anybody is feeling any problems with any chakra or Nadis then we just have to open our left hand in front of the photograph and place our right hand on affected chakra or part of the body and remember Mother and leave it to Mother’s powers to remove the problem. It was also emphasized to everyone to regularly listen to Shri Mataji’s talks and follow all the cleansing methods like Foot Soaking, Candling and Shoe beating etc. as advised by Her Holiness Shri Mataji. As the whole atmosphere got filled with Param Chaitanya two videos showing How Mother’s powerful Photograph helps us in our day to day life were shown. One was a video presentation of story of a blind Girl who was able to achieve a phenomenal career by the blessings of Shri Mataji by adopting Sahaja Yoga and helped in becoming a Chartered Accountant which is the highest qualification in Accounting field. Other miraculous story was  how a complete village got rid of chronic habit of Drinking country liquor in huge quantity. This happenning also led to the local Police post of that village to start doing Sahaja Yoga regularly. News of UNESCO adopting Sahaja Yoga Meditation in America was also shown. Second video was ‘Experiment with Vega Machine’ This video demonstrated how Mother’s Photograph emits vibrations which can cure human beings miraculously. It was shown scientifically by a person that Mother’s Photo is so powerful and has divine energies that  Mere holding of photo in the hand the person is filled with this divine energy and energy level of that persons get changed which were much below normal.

After such a wonderful experience , like an instant, already more than 5 hours had passed and it was  7 pm in the evening. It was decide to have a morning Meditation next day at 6 am followed by workshop ( better to call prayers session from humble hearts to Shri Mataji)  at 9 am.

Next day morning Mother’s talk of year 1990 Shri Ganesha Puja, Ganpatipule  was played followed by silent collective meditation.  Again everyone was effortlessly enjoying the blissful vibrations. 

More Sahaja yogis joined from other nearby places of Jammu and beautiful actualization of effortless Meditation by the divine love and blessings of Shri Mataji  was experienced manifold in our system. The workshop concluded late in the afternoon with everybody joyfully enjoying Mother’s powerful love. In the end, after Aarti, a collective bandhan was given for the establishment of Peace in the whole Jammu and Kashmir region.

Supreme blessings of Parama Pujya Shri Mataji and Jammu collectivity’s selfless efforts made this Sahaja Yoga workshop a precious memorable sweet learning experience for everyone in which the blissful experience of taking the Mahamantra of “Shri Mataji” which enlightens our chakras, nadis or any sick part of the body making it cured, was witnessed in practical.

 Jai Shri Mataji