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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photographic recollection and experiences of collective Meditation program, by the divine grace of Shri Mataji, held at Jaunpur (U.P.), India on 23-24 February 2013.


From: Anonymous
Main muslim ladki hu.abhi highschool me hu.But parasti mere majahab me haram hi.Mere ek dost sahaj yog me hi.unhone aapki site batai thi.maine 23 & 24 ko live prasaran suna.sach me mujhe bahut sukun mila. jaunpur  me khuda ke bande bhi rahte hi jaan ke khusi hui. main tahe-dil se aapka aur apne us hindu dost ka aur sabhi sahaj ke logo ka shukriya ada karna chahti hu.aaj mujhe ilm hua ke namaz ke waqt ka dhyan aur aapki puja ek hi hai.isase mere sar ka dard jaata raha.sach me khudai jawa hi aapki mataji nirmala devi me.MATAJI ZINDABAD.

From: Jyoti Srivastava
Jai Sri Maataji!
I am a school teacher in name is jyoti..Due to some reasons i could not  attained 23 & 24 jaunpur program, but i was with it by your blog. It cann't be explained the vibrations in words. i am really very thankful to you for giving me such experiance..all of my chakras are cleaned.
thank you

Subject: Jaunpur meditation program
it was really a nice experiance.
thank you
Amrita Kaur

From: usha SRIVASTAV
Subject: jaunpur program
i am not a sahaj yogi but my son is sahaj yogi.he was busy in preparation of this program.well i have heared you by internet.i got a deep peace by meditation,infront of maataji picture by your program.God bless you all.
Vikrant Chouhan
Subject: blessings from Jaunpur session.
Jai Shri Mataji,
"Thanks to Shri Mataji for another beautiful session.
When we are dissolved in the love of Shri Mataji through these sessions, each time one can feel a distinct development in the subtle awareness. Also as these sessions strengthen us collectively, by Mother's grace, every time there is a new wonder that  manifests in our collective meditation here.
After the session on Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday afternoon a seeker (learning Sahaja yoga meditation for the past 6 months) and Vikrant had meditation together.
Upon reaching Sahastrara, Vikrant asked him as to how he felt. He was indeed feeling a gentle cool breeze on Sahastrara. Vikrant, then, asked him to make a hearty request to Shri Mataji saying, "Shri Mataji, please help me experience the interrelation between my inner energy (Kundalini) and yourself, Shri Mataji".The seeker mentioned he felt deeper silence and that the inner energy and Shri Mataji are one and the same. At the same time, he said it was really intriguing to him, since this is exactly what he wanted to explore at that moment!!
This is just how subtle, pure and collective this is and fills our hearts with more respect and awe towards Shri Mataji's love."
With Nirmal love

From: Santosh Rai
Subject: Meditation seminar at Jaunpur
Very nice two day’s meditative seminar we all feel surprising vibration inner side and sahastrara .really such meditation way we achieve our aim which is mother want in  all of us   Thanks all of your's team  
Santosh Rai.
From: Udit Verma
very very thank you my sahaji brother and sister for providing suc good facility 
maa ke kripa sa ham na  23,24 ko dhyan kar saka 
jai sri mataji
udit verma

From: Pranav Jani
Date: Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 3:54 AM
Subject: pls add me to inform the collective sahaj meditation (from frankfurt collectivity)
Dear all,
Jai shri Mataji.This is great effort to bond the collectivity.Pls inform me about the future collective sahaj events. with nirmal love,

From: Shobha Singh
Dear Bothers and Sisters,
We thank our Holy Mother yet again for this beautiful blessing -- for this two day session at Jaunpur. As Shivratri and Birthday poojas approach (and otherwise also), one urgently feels the need of such sessions again and again, to be able to touch and be that surrender completely, irrevocably and eternally.
Most humbly, dear team, if we could request you to hold online sessions before March 10 and March 21, so that we are effortlessly prepared to offer Pooja at the most awe-insiring lotus feet of our Holy Mother.
Shobha Singh 

From: Niteen Patil
Dear Brothers and Sisters of At Your Lotus Feet Mother team..JaiShriMataji--
It had been truly a wonderful heavenly experience to be with u people for online meditation on 23rd Feb! Million Thanks to Our Adishakti Maa for bestowing wisdom upon you all for this effort of yours to connect with all this large collectivity and  bring us all into the attention of our holy mother.Let you continue it and please add up my contact and mail Id  to get me know when you are conducting such sessions!
With love---
National Research Centre on Camel
Jorbeer,Bikaner (Rajasthan) India 334 001

From: anil sharma
Dear FamilyThanks for the nice program this morning needless to say it was great, nice to hear about USA experience.Few months back we had a SY stand at Frankfurt Main river side.
I was alone and not very sure how to manage. The moment I enter the stall, few new people came in and said let us help you to arrange the chair etc. so that we can start soon.

Slowly stall was full, so I told them I can’t talk and explain to them individually. So just sit in front of SHRI MATAJI photo and ask for Divine blessing of self-realization.

 If you have any problem, put your left hand towards PHOTO and right on part of your body where problem is. They did it, was a very high lever workshop with arranged coming and going

Persons standing outside the stall helped them self with SY info Flayer and requested person sitting if they can give also get a chance to meditate in side.

One person who look liked a big Director said, he enjoyed meditation with SHR MATAJI Photo for more than half an hour.

Later on it was dark ,stall was empty, with my weak eye sight, I was not sure how to Pack SHRI MATAJI Photo other things properly. So all of sudden a young man came in, said There were too many people but he still have some question. He will be grateful he can pack the photo and I can answer him. He took SHRI MATAJIS photo in a highest respectable manner wrap in Sari so nicely which I never seen before, after packing he said he is going to Main Station if he can join me carry the things.
That way how SHRI MATAJI photo helped me to enjoy that evening I have literally done nothing even was brought to Station in  dark.

That was the promise; SHRI MATAJI gave us’’ I will be always with you and you are never alone’’.
Frankfurt Germany

Prakash, Bahrain

Dear brothers and sisters of at your lotus feet mother team,
First, profound thanks to Shri Mataji, that myself and my wife were able to sit for today's online meditation. Though the transmission was interrupted by frequent power failure, however we did not miss any of the vital stages of meditation, be it Shri Mataji's speech about that she is the principle, chakra clearing etc.
Though I could feel nice vibrations on Sahasrara, however could not feel much on my hands in the beginning. However, as our attention was dragged inside slowly, we totally forgot the surroundings, noises, disturbances etc.
Especially when our dear brother and sister was singing the stuthi, Jo Nara dhuk... and the following aalap, it was simply superb. As with each line of brother's singing followed by sister's aalap, it was like sitting in a rocket and pushed into the orbit. Tremendous vibrations. In this song, I strongly felt Mother's presence very close to me, as a result tears rolled down my cheeks. This often I used to experience whenever I attend Sakshat Puja and at the first sight of Shri Mataji after a long time...
Please keep up the good work. Programs like this keep us charged till we meet in the next online program.
With love and best regards

From: Rahul Kumar, USA  
Program started and already nice vibrations are flowing :-)  Jai Shri Mataji!