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Monday, October 22, 2012

Dearest brothers and sisters, On the auspicious occasion of Vijay Dashmi/ Dushehra lets all pray, meditate and become one with Shri Adishakti Shri Mataji. We humble pray to H.H.Shri Mataji to be with us and bless us for this meditation program on 24th October 2012, Wednesday, evening 6.45 pm own wards, Indian Time. The program would be in Hindi language mainly and partly in English also.


From: satendra verma
Subject: experience of online meditation on 24 October Dussehra Day
Jai Shri Mataji,
The experience this time in online meditation (24 Oct 12) was unique.When I sat for the meditation, the state was not good and the joy was lacking. so when we began, I was just feeling that there will be someimprovement and was not expecting that I will get much cleared. And when we started taking the name of our Holy Mother, slowly slowly things started improving and after about an hour I was somewhat better. But then, as we prayed for more and more humility and pure desire and surrendered, the joy of remembering revered Mother started coming. And to my pleasant surprise, there was tremendous clearance which occurred and was at the peak as we left all our problems at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji. The experience of praying for thoughtlessness by surrendering the agnya chakra was also very strong.
During the end I could just remember our most loving Almighty Mother and felt that now I dont need anything; I am just enjoying bowing down in front of my Great Great Divine Mother. I feel that there was a definite transformation, a permanent positive change after attending this online program and I am deeply indebted to the Divine for giving me the opportunity for attending the program and take this opportunity to bow down and express my heart felt gratitude to our Most loving, Most Powerful and Omnipresent Holy Mother, Shri Mataji. The confidence that our Mother will be with us whenever we simply open our hands humbly and desire form our heart for Her blessings, has grown stronger with this program.
I also feel that we must utilise the opportunity of such powerful
collective togetherness to pray for the problems faced by yogis
globally as we did this time. My sincere thanks and gratefulness for
the  organisers of this online program.
Dr. Satendra
Niket Agarwal October 22 jai shri mataji,
Its a great news for all those who really desire only for the meditation in sahaja yoga.
There will be an online meditation on 24th October at 6:45PM IST where there is meditation and its an amazing . I have attended it before also. So, many of us really desire mother for giving us chance to feel more vibrations. so here is the chance. cash it.

Sonal Sharma i have attended this meditation program and its really very nice and alot to be practically experience....we can feel the practical change in our state ans system before and after meditation.

aninda28 October 2012 8:54 PMbeautiful bliss experienced on vijayadashami.. innumerable thanks to mother and thanks to all sahaji brothers who are conducting this.
Anuj Sharma Amazing experience with another ONLINE MEDITATION session(Today) on Vijay Dashmi. 24th Oct from 6.45pm to 10.30pm (IST). Looking forward another session. Congratulations guys. Good job done...!! Jai Shri mataji..! October 24 at 10:40pm   Seen by 49   Anamika Nigam, Rakesh Bisht and Pankaj Sharma like this.
Trivedi Muralidhar This is the Absolute Path to become one with The Absolute

Sumit Shah it was very amazing.   

From: nath divyendu The online meditation programme changed completely my perception of shrimataji's alter at my home.It has given a new dimension to my meditation process that i practiced on daily basis prior to this online meditation programme. My mother is now more close to me and is more responsive.I is a pure desire of mine that i attend every online meditation programme without fail.  DIVYENDU NATH  .RANCHI . JHARKHAND.  Mob: 8603119195.

From: Sang Ram
  Subject: Msg. from Bahrain JSM Dear Yogis, I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation full of vibrations on vijaya dasami though i sat for a little time... Feel tht we need such sessions atleast once in 2 weeks...Thanks for such great efforts in spreading Mothers love... Now sending you another song which is inspiration through this meditation.... With lots of nirmal love and wishes, Sangeetha Ram Prasad

From: Smita Jaisalmeria Subject: Oct 24th meditation program  Dear bhaiya,  Jai Shri Mataji!!
It was awesome! Do not have the words to express. So much of thoughtlessness, felt kundalini all the time in Sahastrar. Thank you sooooo much!! Please keep conducting it!

From: Shallu Gupta
Subject: Re: Invitation for 24 Oct 12 On Line Meditation Program
Dear Brothers & Sisters
Jai Shree Mataji
It was such an auspicious & blissful experience I ever had. The environment was full of vibes. Although my internet was not connected properly and I was listening the voice in installments but then praying to Mother helped a lot. BEAUTIFUL!!
My cousins were watching popular serial Bade Ache Lagte Hain & they were not ready to switch it off but it was such a Wonderful Connection that I never got distracted.
Thanks to Maa for organising online meditation and Her great instruments

From: Vijay Kapoor
Dear Sahajis of

Thank you. I have read all the comments. My observations are that if all of us try, very sincerely from our hearts, to keep our Divine Mother pleased by our Bhakti, Shraddha and Samarpan ( just like Shri Ganesha), by dealing with all SYs with love and compassion, by being patient, and by giving self realisation to maximum  people, we could all feel our Divine Mothers love all the time. However the conditionality is that we have to be tested at every stage whether we are fit to go to the next!! This is where many of us are floundering because we are not following the norms laid by our GURU and GOD.  It would be indeed a blissful life if we were all in the NIRVIKALP stage because then the drama around us would also disappear as there would be no doubts left. Let us pray to the Beloved Mother for HER guidance and benevolence in this regard. In the meantime keep up your good work. 
Love and respects
Lt Gen (R) VKK 

From: Mohini Harve <>
Jai Shri Mataji
The meditation program came as blessing like a sakshat puja for us.  We could feel the peace silence that gave us union at the lotus feet of our Divine Mother.  The vibrations were felt continuously like a cool breeze.  When bhaiya said you can feel something releasing from your system, I felt a kind of tremendous relief from my Nabhi and at the same time bhaiya said if you have stomach pain.............a beautiful collective conscious feeling it was......... 
We pray to Shri Mataji to bless us to enjoy many more meditation programs and feel bliss within. 
We thank all the brothers and sisters for making this happen.   
Can we hear the bhajan "Ma Nirmala, Tum Devi Nirmala..............
Can we send bhajan request?

Jai Shri Mataji
With Nirmal love
Venky Kshitij Nitya Mohini

From: Trivedi Muralidhar
Dear all, this particular day on Dussera we all had tremendous experience of  total lightness in our whole body and emptiness in our mind& brain. It was joy of being relieved of all the worldly matters. This Online meditation shud reach nook & corner of the world to bring out the Hidden,Forgotten and Ignored TRUTH to One & All.
We all thank Shri Mataji for the day to day experience that happens with us to be  one with the ABSOLUTE.
with Love & regards

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meditation Seminar, Farrukabad, 13-14 October 2012

From: Niket Agarwal
Subject: exp from farukhabad
Jai shri mataji ,
it was really very nice at farukhabad.  we felt so much lightness in our body then could not be explained in the words. I want to share an experience I listened when coming back to Moradabad in bus.
 there is a sahajayogi in the bus who is also coming from the program and going to bareilly.
His name is Banwari Lal. He is from a small village near Bahedi in UP.
he told me that when the brother from delhi sang a bhajan "Nir Bhay Nir Gun " then he said that he don't know where he is , he is so much with shri mataji and also said that he felt like in the whole room there is shri mataji and him and no one else.
he further said that his arms , legs  felt numb with vibrations and he actually could not feel his body and he have to pinch himself to confirm that his hand or legs or body is here.
he could not tell the experience in the public because he was feeling shy.
may maa give us all,  the true meditation which she actually want to gave us.
jai shri mataji