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Tuesday, July 26, 2011



By the Grace of Param Pujya  Shri Mataji  NirmalaDevi,  Tirupati collective organized a workshop on 23&24 July 2011 preceded with a Havana on 22nd evening. This workshop was totally based on how to get Deeper into Nirvicharita(Thoughtless state) & Ekakarita(one with Godess Shri Mataji).

The program started by welcoming Shri Mataji in a procession from the  Gate to the pandal Hall with hundreds of yogis carrying the Simhasana with Shri Matajis Divine photograph.




Firstly, Swagat song was recited and welcome arti was performed. Thereafter Three Mahamantras & Shri Ganesh Mantra was recited collectively to start the program.
There was a welcome speech from the AP state co-ordinator  warmly inviting all the yogis who had come from various states. This workshop was attended by yogis from Delhi, Chennai, Nagpur, Bangalore, Moradabad, Pune, Kerala, Tumkur and from many parts of AndhraPradesh and  Bahrain, etc.
The total number of attendance were around 1000 Yogis including children.

YUVA SHAKTIS from Chennai with the help of neighbouring  yuvas Decorated the Stage and ALTAR of Shri Mataji with some Exclusive flowers and Bhakti, Shraddha and surrender. It was GREAT.

The whole atmosphere at pandal was so full of joy that every one felt the Vibrations flowing into them effortlessly. All the brothers and sisters were asked to recognize only Shri Mataji as source of Meditation and nobodyelse.

First day all the yogis were meditating on Shri Mataji to get their GuruTatwa be experienced and the Mantra used at every time was the MAHA MAHA MANTRA “SHRI MATAJI”. There were different clips of Mother’s talks and instrumental music was played at appropriated times to enable and experience the Divine’s presence in all the yogis present inside the pandhal.
Second Day again the program started with Bhandhan,Three Maha Mantras and Shri Ganesh Mantra and then  a short review was done of the previous day and then the session started with requesting Shri Mataji to bless everyone with Nirvicharita and cleansing of all chakras and nadis by surrendering at her Lotus Feet .


Once we felt the flow of the Divine all of us started getting closer and closer to feel and experience the oneness with Shri Mataji. This session was an extended one before Luncheon as it went on with how to give collective Vibration to new Seekers and the existing yogis,taking bhandan, preying to Mother  for collective oneness of the whole Universe. The Entire Environment was bubbling with Joy,Peace&Bliss.
The  concluding session was done by the sharing of experience  of the participants who attended this workshop and thanks giving to the organisers  and participants who Desired for this Workshop.
Especially Each & Every one Thanked SHRI MATAJI for this unique workshop which has not happened before at this place. THANK YOU SHRI MATAJI.


From : sitarama chandra <>

Dear brothers
Jai Shri Mataji.
I also was praying to Shri Mother along with Tirupathi Collective that all brothers and sisters who ever attend the workshop should go back with heart full of Shri Mataji and with an experience of complete  oneness with Shri Mother.
I am joyous as any other yogi, to see and experience that Shri Mother's grace slowly unfolded and entire collectivity started experiencing the complete oneness with Shri Mataji.
At the end of the first day I asked who ever I could meet, to get the feed back and every body said that they enjoyed thoroughly the depth of meditation they had experienced.
Let these workshops happen every where and let all Sahajayogis enjoy!

We bow at your lotus feet  Shri  Mother , for all your blessings.

With lots of love and regards

From : Bhagya veni

Jai Sri Mataji Dear Family,

My Experience for tirupathi seminar is quite different.
I could not participate in all the meditation sessions with full attentiveness because we haven’t slept in the nights because of Decoration Work.

But Still SriMother gave me beautiful experiences in the seminar and after the seminar.

First of all starting with Friday we had a wonderful Havan with huge of collectivity.

After the havan all the Tirupathi yuvashakthis ,myself and other yuvas from different places have started with decoration.
As we are not confident in whats going to come up and how to do…Mother helped us in spontaneous way..As there was Mike Arrangements were going on…Few sahajis have played the Extracts of Mothers talk continuously..These were very powerfull talks…We all felt Very bilss full and had an spontenous meditaion where the vibrations were very strong…And from then onwards all the Decoration Work just flowed and we don’t know how the night has ended…Thanks to Mother And the Brother who played the Maa’s Talk…We thoroughly enjoyed throughout the night.

The experience is really awesome when SriMaa came inside the Seminar Hall through the procession. It was exactly as if SriMataji’s Sakshat arrival…The Song Swagat Agath was very bliss full and throwing the nectar of mothers love that the joy flowed in the form of tears for SriMaa’s Love.

The Meditation Experience was really good…I had the on and off of the vibrations in the Session but had a very calming and peaceful experience..where the time just flowed.As many people told about Knee pains, the knee pains were not there when I compare to the previous sessions I have attended.

But I have strongly felt that the content of the seminar is truly 100 % percent correct.Because I could see my self having much clarity on my attitude towards SriMataji.
We used to have lot of confusions, We do not know how to pray to Mother. Even though we might not felt very strong vibrations in the session ,The state ,Mediations will improve for sure after few days because we know how we have to be with Mother. Felt that this is the Pure ganesha principle that in our wisdom we understand clearly that Nothing is Greater Than My Mother And Nothing is Important than My Mother.
Hope all the sahajis should attend the seminar and be just like SriGanesha’s JJJ

And Now I am enjoying the same prayers to mother which we had in seminar and its working great on me.I found that I am finding more clarity on how to be with mother as introspection after the seminar is working now. I am enjoying being with Mother with her spontaneous loving nature.
I Wish I could attend the next seminar where I could fully enjoy the meditation sessions.
I am enjoying these moments of sharing my experience with the Family.

Much Love,

From : chandrahasan rajan <>

Jai Shri Mataji

All the arrangements for the workshop were excellent. The stage decoration was beautiful, the havan was very peaceful and cleansing, the food was served with loving care, we shall cherish the gifts for ever.

This is the first workshop in the last 15 years in which we came really close to Shri Mataji and were drenched in Her divine cool vibrations. Memories of the seminar still linger fresh in our minds.

The procession of Shri Mataji was conducted with so much dignity and devotion and love. It was really an unforgettable experience.

Now we can feel the presence of Shri Mataji whenever we raise our hands towards the sky. We feel that Shri Mataji will always be with all of us and taking good care of us. Shri Mataji manthra has been working wonders ever since.

The workshop paved the way for sahaja yogis across India to come together and enjoy Her blessing in a wonderful way.

Jai Shri Mataji


Jai Shri Mataji

By the grace of shri Mathaji i attended the two days sahaj workshop at Tirupathi .The two days no thoughts except sahaja yoga.the first day during the course of meditation no thoughts disturbed and also no sleepiness.The entire collective enjoyed the love of shri Mathaji and there is no movement of yogis even for water and Tea. The second day i felt sleepiness in the mornig itself and i was so worried. Lot of disturbing thoughts immediatly followed by a chakar of sleep. Then while yogi brothers collectively asked to pray  i humbly prayed to shri mathaji to relive me from the sleepiness and please allow me to enjoy the love.  I get down from the chair and seated in the ground. As a miraqcle i was totally relived from the sllepiness and thoughts. My full attention is there on the workshop.As Yogi Brother said then and there i prayed to Shri Mathaji to bless me to  use this entire moment for the upliftment of my self . After that i also enjoyed the Nirvichar state and enjoy the love of ShriMathaji. Almost all the yogis enjoyed the Nirvichar in this Workshop. My humble prayer to shri mathaji to bless me for attending all the sahaj seminar and workshop whereever and  whenever conducted in all over the nation.
Even though it is not proper to say thanks to  our Delhi brothers for conducting the seminar i pray to shri mathaji to bless the delhi and other brothern to conduct seminars and workshops of this type all over the world.

Thank you Shri mathaji


From : abhishek <>

JAI SHRI MATAJI...we enjoyed the tirupathi seminar to the fullest.. in outr  8years of meditaion v have never attained such a awesome meditation state...thanku SHRI MATAJI.. it was a unique seminar.. in the seminars which ever we attended all were theoretical but  this was a real practical one....we are very thankful to SHRI MATAJI.. with NIRMAL SHEH..

From : rajgopal sahaji <>

JAI SHREE MATAJI .we came to tirupathi seminar.we enjoyed the seminar
very was simple & unique meditation.can u please mail me the

From: Evgeney
Subject: Impressions Seminar

Practical seminar in Turupati

One more beautiful programme - a practical Sahaja Yoga seminar was
held last weekend in Tirupati in South India. We have described in the
past about similar programme in Solan city in April.

Since then several such almost bhajanless and speechless programmes
were held in various places arounf India. South India had hosted three
seminars (plus one in Tirupati) - one was held in Kerala and two in
Tamil Nadu.One more happened in Central India (Gadchiroli,
Maharashtra), and two in the Northern part of India - in Moradabad and
Baghpat (Uttar-Pradesh).

During the seminar in "temple town" of Tirupati one veteran sahaja
yogi Vijay Nalgirkar was asked to deliver a traditional welcome
address, to which he had reluctantly agreed. He did not speak much,
but told an interesting story of these unconventional seminars.

After reminding, that we have gathered there not to speak, Uncle said
that first seminar of this kind was held around the year 1989. Some
yogis have complained, that despite some years in Sahaja Yoga they are
unable to feel vibrations and never experienced thoughtless awareness.
For a practical experience yogis initially were gathering in Delhi
centre. "We were lucky, that Shri Mataji at that time often visited
Delhi", he said. She was told about this initiative. At some point of
time invitations for conducting such a seminar started coming from
other cities, and they started touring those places. Nobody was payed
money for this work, everyone traveled on his own expence as a
volunteer. This principal has been preserved.

Seminar in Tirupati went for two days and had a record number of
participants - about 800 from all over Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Pune,
Bangalore, Madras.

It began after breakfast about 10.30 am till lunch and then again till
about 6 pm. We actually were not time-bound, and just meditated until
our bodies and mind were filled with vibrations, all worries and
thoughts were gone.

There were almost no mantras during the seminar except for one
Mahamantra - The Name of Shri Mataji. We prayed to Her, asked Her to
help us, and could feel our attention rising to Sahastrara
collectively. Next day we started in the morning, and could feel, that
the previous day did not go in vain - people went to meditation almost
immediately. In the meanwhile musicians were performing Guru Stuti,
Devi Stuti and other prayers, and 1-2 minute long fragments of
Mother's talks were played to help attention reach Sahastrara.

Thanks to just a handful of brothers and sisters from Tirupati many
yogis from Andhra, where conditionings are rampant, discovered new
horizons of thoughtless awareness.

Each time one goes for this seminar, he may see more and more familiar
faces. Both "new" and "old" and even "ancient" sahaja yogis try to
catch a chance to immerse themselves into an ocean of vibrations and
prolonged uninterrupted meditation. Those of us, who have visited
several such seminars, could feel their attention becoming stronger.
Seems like everyone, who attended, left happy.

Jay Shri Mataji,

Your brother,



From : Trivedi Muralidhar <>

Jai Shri Mataji,
Dear all, only thing we can express is that we cud feel the ascent and more oneness with Shri Mataji.
we could experience more clearance and cleansing happening within us.More&More Joy Poring into
us.we practically are able to witness opposite persons getting the feel of our Vibrations just like that
whenever we talk to them.The yogis whom we have never met also could feel the vibrations whenever
we talk over the phone about these workshops taking place at different places in the recent past.

With love & regards


From : Sudha

Jai Shri Mataji,     
        I'm from Tenali, Guntur district. We want to share our happiness about Thirupathi seminar. We are thankful to mother to solve all my doubts, problems. Actually at seminar hall I've slept and felt that i am unable to follow any speeches. But at the time of leaving seminar hall I felt unhappy to go home. After reaching home, my heart is filled with lots of happiness and joy. I want to share this joy to all people at big sound ("CHAALA AANANDAMGA UNDI"). I enjoyed collectivity. Mother cleared all my doubts    
2.. ABOUT  CATCHINGS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3. THE MOST IMPORTANT IS TO  SURRENDER AND HAVING HUMBLE NATURE TOWARDS OUR LOVING MOTHER                                                                                                                                                       I had a great experience of getting close to mother... Love and affection towards mother is a lot increased. I'm feeling sooooo free. A bird will be so free and has freedom, now my heart is free and happy like a bird.
My family is also happy.
Not only i and my family, all the people who attended the seminar from Tenali center (40 members came) are enjoying a lot.

Thank you, thanks a lot................
Jai Shri Mataji 


Jai shri mathaji.

First of all, sorry for the belated response  regarding the tirupathi  seminar
held in july.  we around 20 sahajis from ongole, prakasam district, A.P.,
participated  in the seminar.  Every one of us felt happy regarding the way in
which seminar was conducted.

Many points  were known  from the seminar.
1. How to sit in meditation?  Means if  thoughts came when we sit in
meditation,  by reciting shrimathaji, we will overcome thoughts whether it is
good or bad thoughts.
2. If  problem arises,  keeping the problem in front of shrimathaji and trying
to forget that problem, i.e., keeping faith in shri mathaji that shrimathaji
will solve that problem.  Mountain like problem   is  a tiny small thing  before
shrimathaji.   She can do miracles and solve all our problems.   presenting our
problems repeatedly,  to shrimathaji till we get confidence that  the Mother
will solve  the particular problems.
3. before sitting in meditation, checking that do we have pure desire for
meditation and start thinking that  before whom we sat for meditation i.e., shri
aadi shakthi who is there to protect us.
4.  Shri mathaji removes all impurities from us  when we sit in front of us.
5. There is no one in between  I and Shrimathaji.  Shrimathaji is our personal
mother.  She is the mother of all sahajis.  Surrenderness  to the   Shrimathaji.

Is becoming oneness with Shrimathaji means  surrendering ourselves to
shrimathaji? Please explain.

Every one of us felt happy in participating  worthful seminar and work shop.

Personally, I got sleep with dreams  whenever I try to get nirvichara sthithi.
Whenever We, collectively,ask Shrimathaji to give nirvichara sthithi  I got
sleep with dreams.
Shri mathaji please forgive me.

Jai shrimathaji.

Srinivas  valiveti,
Prakasam District,
A .P.

Friday, July 15, 2011

सहजयोग कर्यशाळा, गडचिरोली, महाराष्ट्र. दि. ९ व १० जुलई २०११

जय श्री माताजी.

दोन दिवसांची सहजयोग कर्यशाळा, गडचिरोली, महाराष्ट्र.
दि. १० जुलई २०११.

Jai Shri Mataji

Sahajayoga Workshop, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra.
Dt. 9th & 10th July 2011.

With the Divine Blessings of our Holy Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, a Sahajayoga workshop was organised at, 'Aashirwad Mangal Karyalaya', Gadchiroli, by the Collective of Gadchiroli, for a period of two days, on 9th & 10th of July 2011. This workshop was attended by almost 600 to 700 sahajayogi’s form various places. The attendance was seen not only from Gadchiroli, Nagpur, Chandrapur and areas nearby, but sahajayogi’s also travelled all the way from Delhi, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore and other parts of Maharashtra.

The workshop started with the arrival of Her Holiness Shri Mataji, while the song “ Aagat-Swaagat” was sung by all present.  The program started around 11.00 am with the recitation of the three Mahamantra’s and Ganesha Mantra.

Everybody spontaneously went into deep meditation and individually connected to Our Holy Mother Shri Mataji. The only mantra that prevailed through the meditation was, “Shri Mataji” and the only prayer made, with a pure heart, was that, “Shri Mataji, verily, your power is the Param Chaitanya.”
Meditation was accompanied with Shri Mataji’s lectures, Guru-stuti and instrumental music at regular intervals. Each Chakra was meditated upon with only “Shri Mataji” as the mantra. The result of which was that, everybody experienced a tremendous difference in their state.  Each one present, experienced tremendous joy, complete thoughtlessness and absolute oneness with the Divine.

All the Yogi’s termed the workshop as an unforgettable experience.

The workshop ended with a prayer, that, “Shri Mataji, may the fruits of this workshop be enjoyed by the collective worldwide.”

With the grace of H.H. Shri Mataji, the entire environment was full of joy, love and thoughtlessness. The love and effort of the Gadchiroli Collective was wonderful. The arrangement of food and accommodation was absolutely commendable. All the food grains and vegetables used to cook the food came from their own farms and was cooked by themselves, for all the Yogi’s. The entire workshop was blessed by the Divine. So much so that the owner of ‘Aashirwad Mangal Karyalaya’ refused to take the stipulated fees for the hall saying that, “In your joy, I have found complete satisfaction.”

परम पुज्य श्री माताजींच्या परम कृपेत गडचिरोली येथे, सहजयोग्यांनी दोन दिव्सांची कार्यशाळा आयोजीत केली होती. ही कर्यशाळा आशिर्वाद मंगल कर्यालयात, १० जुलई २०११ या तारखेला घेण्यात आली. या प्रसंगी सुमारे ६०० ते ७०० सहजयोगी उपस्थित होते. सहजयोगी केवळ, गडचिरोली, नागपुर, चन्द्रपुर आणि जवळ पासच्याच नव्हे तर, दिल्ली, चेनै, आंध्र प्रदेश, आणि बंगलोर, येथून देखिल आले होते.

कायक्रमाची सुरुवात परम पुज्य श्री माताजींच्या आगमनाने झाली. सर्वांनी स्वागत-आगत गाणे म्हणून श्री माताजींचे स्वागत केले. सुमारे ११ वाजता, तीन माहामंत्रांनी आणि गणेश मंत्राने कार्यक्रम सुरु झाला. ध्यान आणि फक्त ध्यान, या मधे श्री माताजी आणि आपण या शिवाय दूस्रे कुणी ही नव्ह्ते. ध्यानात, मंत्र म्हण्जे "श्री माताजी" हा एकच, सर्वात श्रेष्ठ, महान प्रिय होता. आई समोर बसून, दोन्ही हात पुढे करुन, फक्त ह्रदयापासून प्रार्थना करायची, की, "श्री माताजी, ही जी तुमची शक्ति आहे तेच परम चैतन्य आहे."

ध्यानात आधून-मधून, श्री माताजींचे प्रवचन, गुरुस्तुती आणि संगीत धुन लाऊन, प्रत्येक चक्रावर श्री माताजींचे ध्यान केले त्या नंतर सगळ्यांना स्थितीत खूप फरक जाणवला. सर्व सहजयोग्यांची ही अनुभूति होती की असा कार्यक्रम कधीच झाला नाही आणि प्रत्येकाने निरानंद आनुभवला.