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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mother is Supreme Mother, Compassionate Mother, Kind Mother. Pray to Divine Mother; experience Divine Mother within your heart. Mother is all-pervading; Mother is everything; The entire cosmos is nothing but the Mother Divine is the nameless name of the overall feeling during the Meditation at Bhopal on 26-27 January 2013

From: Yogesh Lodha
Subject: RE: Meditation session at Bhopal .

Dear All, It is not justified by mere word  to express thanks to the entire team  of At your lotus feet  for  collective sharing of Bliss which is  All Pervasive,  indivisible ocean of pure consciousness, we place our burdens at Mother  Illumined Lotus Feet which was felt by collectivity during the two day session at Center of India. During the session it was expressed by participant  that they can  feel  our Mother  all around us, and in everything we see and also felt the divine Love which Mother talked about  and the feeling was so tremendous that it is flowing from our heart with gratitude for Mother LOVE with change in approach of returning only. Mother… Mother Bliss and love…We surrender our lives to Divine Mother  again which we forget sometime or do mechanical. 
Mother of Endless Worlds, may we breath in life more deeply- and fully- and taste the essence of our  Mother Magnificent Truth and during Bhakti sangeet we all sing the amazing glories of who and what we are and How endless is our Mother blessing which we sometime forgot how to receive it. It is rare moment in life of any musician that during bhakti offering  our truest self is dancing freely with the flow of collective.
And in this moment… this one... now recall… yes… it is this same Mother, in another of Her myriad forms, who carried us within her Heart… loving and nurturing us… holding your hand as we (with our Mother)crossed the street together when we were but four years old. And now we offer the purist flower of our heart to this Divine Mother, at her most tender, sacred feet. 
Mother is Supreme Mother, Compassionate Mother, Kind Mother. Pray to Divine Mother; experience Divine Mother within your heart. Mother is all-pervading; Mother is everything; The entire cosmos is nothing but the Mother Divine is the nameless name  of the overall feeling during the Meditation at Bhopal. 
Thanks for part of wonderful collective experience and pray to have many more seminar in  coming days of this type wherein change can be felt easily.
With regards

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Thanks for extremely nice programme which our beloved mother conducted using all of us as instruments. Many SYs conveyed that they would like many more such programmes. WE ALL ENJOYED.
With Nirmal Love.
Ratan Purwar

From: Vikrant Chouhan, USA
Jai Shri Mataji: Bhopal workshop and another experience.
Jai Shri  Mataji,
The live broadcast of the online meditation in Bhopal was even closer to my heart owing to the fact that Bhopal is where I had received my self-realisation.I have had very high regards for the Sahaja family in Bhopal (due to the loving 'sahaja infant care' right after my realisation) and had been praying to Mother to have that collective  drenched in HER love with 'atyourlotusfeetmother' team as the instrument.
When we started surrendering collectively to Mother, the flow of vibrations started going up and each time we pronounced Mother's name, the bliss and peace settled down further and I felt confident of being one with Mother, for the greatest security and satisfaction lies in being one with HER. The music that was offered to Shri Mataji also felt very dynamic with each 'alaap' ("Shri Mataji, Sarv Chakra Swaamini, Shri Mataji") taking me closer to Mother.
My heart offers a desire at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji that may HER love manifest more and more through the 'atyourlotusfeetmother' team and through every Sahaja yogi child of HERS.
Jai Shri Mataji
Another experience that pertains to the powers of the divine photograph of Shri Mataji:
Sometimes, when adversity is looking at us eye to eye, and we reciprocate the jesture with the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji in our awareness and HER HOLY NAME in our heart, HER powers just change the adversity to a sweet opportunity. This happened in my city in the US in November and showed another aspect of HER powers and the importance of Mother's divine photograph.
We have the weekly meditation meetings in the Public Library to introduce the new seekers and also to follow up with those who got their self-realisation recently. However, due to federal elections, the Librarian said that we wouldn't get a single slot in November. This initially concerned me.However, when I sat down for meditation and felt one with Mother, I just prayed to Her Holiness to show me a way so that the seekers get to maintain the continuity. I then got an idea that may be the seekers can join me on skype or better still, drive to my house. They chose to come to my place and I realised how Mother created an opportunity to show them some more beauty of Sahaja. For instance, we had foot-soaking together. Also, I wanted to show them that we need to light up a candle before Shri Mataji's altar (lighting up candles may not work in the library). After the meditation, I saw one of the seekers sitting closer to Mother's photograph and looking at it with curiosity. Looking at that, I just asked if she would like to get a photograph for herself, to meditate with. She said, "It will be a gift to me.Just sitting close to it makes me feel so much better." (earlier, I had asked this seeker how she felt in meditation and she spoke of peace and thoughtlessness and some sensation on her palms.) Another seeker agreed to get a photograph of Shri Mataji to meditate with. Mother made it so effortless for me to highlight the importance of HER divine photograph in the land where it's a big challenge to speak about 'divinity' or 'God'.
By Mother's grace, they now meditate regularly on Shri Mataji's photograph and enjoy listening to the talks of Shri Mataji when we get together.
So, as always...Shri Mataji, Shri Mataji and Shri Mataji. :)
With Nirmal love
Subject: Jai Shree Mata ji
We feel extreem energy & peace of mind after attend on line medition as 26 & 27 th jan
Devendra Verma
From: Vijendra Sharma
Subject: RE - Thanks to shree mataji....
Jai Shree Mataji All Brothers and sisters
Shree Maa ke Asim kripa aur asirvad se mujhe at your lotus feet mother group ka program bhopal me jo 2 din ayojit hua tha  attend karne ka sobhagya prapt hua. Maa ke krapa baras rahe the mujhe itne din sahaja me hone ke bad pata chala ke sahaja meditation kya hota he sahaja means kya hota he,shree maa ko KESE SARNAGAT KARTE  he. Sahe me nirvichar kese hote means sahajayoga ke funde ajj he clear hua pehle hum kese bat me ulaj jate the usko sahe karne me ulje he rehte the ajj hame malum hua he ke deep meditation kya hota he SAMARPAN KYA HOTA HE .Me Sabhe center leaders se prarthna karta hu ke sabhe center par yeh compulsory kar dena chahiye jisse vehe maa ke prem ke shakti ka ananad utha sake vakaye me ujhe jesa ajj lag raha he vo kabhe nahe laga JSMJI...........
From: Sang Ram
Subject: Msg. from Sangeetha, Bahrain
Dear Yogis
I thank Shri Mataji for giving one more opportunity to enjoy the oneness with a big collective at Bhopal sitting online..I thank the team members for all the tireless efforts for giving the effortless meditation which takes only one maha mantra which is Shri Mataji. On Saturday evening, we prayed to ShriMataji for the Nirvicharatha and the effect was so beautiful to feel so connected and thoughtlessly aware...The mind was still without thoughts and the vibrations cud be felt nicely without any efforts..The session on Sunday was a different experience.. when the songs were sung for each chakra , the movement of the kundalini was felt quite vividly from Mooladhara to Nabhi... Just by doing nothing and surrendering at Her Lotus Feet has a greater effect than bringing any kind of mental intervention...Each and every session of this online meditation only brings more meaning and helps us to stay more connected with Shri Mataji and thoroughly enjoy nirvicharatha...Thanks for the Bhopal collective who made all the arrangements for the program. With wishes, Sangeetha
From: Mohini Harve
Jai Shri Mataji

Thank you Shri Mataji for this wonderful cleansing in each chakra and nadi.  The clearing was fabulous and felt coolness in each chakra.  From the starting of the session on 26th January it was absolutely effortless and only oneness with Shri Mataji.  Thoughtlessness and nothing other than thoughtlessness was prevailing throughout.  Her divine vibrations were like a shower of cool breeze all through the sessions.
The bhajans for clearing were too beautiful. Thank the brothers and sisters for this incessant blessings they bring to all as instruments of the Divine.
Jai Shri Mataji
Mohini, Dubai

From: Niket Agarwal
Subject: Experience of Meditation in Bhopal
Jai Shri Mataji, I am Niket and I want to share my experience of  recent workshop of meditation in Bhopal. I  have attended the meditation on my laptop sitting in front of Shri Mataji alter. Initially, There was much disturbance inside but as prayer  to shri mataji helped  us for clearing our  chakras then it was going good and the vibration start flowing and at the same time making us light. Next day it is great from the starting and till the tea break it was wonderful. I have meditated in that break  and the vibrations were wonderful. Thanks Shri Mataji for giving the opportunity for attending your meditation workshop. it is a great experience.With Love and Regards  Niket
Divine one with her thank the team.· 
Jai Shri Mataji
It was a very nice experience to be with this on line meditation since yesterday. I could go deep into thoughtless awareness very quickly.It was really very nice experience. Many thanks to everybody who organised this on line meditation programme. Jai Shri Mataji.
Dilip Sule·
Jai Shri Mataji,
 I attended this program at bhopal and for me it was a nice experience.At least I could make some definition (To myself) about "what is thoughtlessness". My question about "what is true/complete surrender "-- In the progarm an audio clip of shri mataji gave the answer to my question of complete surrender - the answer given by mataji in that tape is - "COMPLETE SURRENDER = YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING IN DHYAN" (that's the complete surrender)- before knowing this answer i was pushing myself for a surrender (conscious effort i was doing to surrender- which was wrong i feel). After knowing the Shri Mataji's answer about complete surrender- it was easy to surrender n experience thoughtlessness. 
 I also want to emphasize on one point which is about the sahaja yogi who was describing the concepts in the program. I don't know the name but the way he described the things was very crystal clear specially about the point "Allowing Shri Mataji to take control of our attention(that is possible when we don.t do any intentional effort) rather than we push our attention to Shri Mataji in dhyan" - This explanation has definitely helped me in getting thoughtlessness for the first time in 6 years. This means i was doing all wrong in attaining the thoughtlessness coz knowingly or unknowingly there was some effort i was doing on a minute level all these years". 
 2nd point which he described was about- not to worry much about chakra catches n spending all energy in clearing of chakra's rather than doing meditation. His way of clearing chakras is very convenient and easy- the way he described to clear chakra's is like this- "while doing meditation (once you have established the connection with mother in dhayn) allow Shri Mataji's love/ paramchaitnya to flow throw your body n all chakras will be cleared"- which is quite fruitful n easy. later on if you still want to do other techniques mentioned by mother to clear chakras you are open to do that.
First time i got to know about the preliminary way of clearing chakra's thru mother's love which is much easier n hassle free.


 --Mahaveer samrat singh bhati