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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

By Holy Mother’s grace, experiences of on line meditation program on 14-7-2013 (10 am- 2 pm, in Hindi Language)

From: Vijay Kapoor
Dear Group
Excellent, and well done.This result was expected because I managed to be with you for only about 40 mins and that was so refreshing. Attaining the Mother, is the endeavour of all SYs and your group is an "enabler". What a wonderful mission you have undertaken. 
Our prayer is  "O Beloved Mother let the Love that we experience when connected with you bring  unity in the Sahaja Sangh. Please let those who have become insensitive, feel this LOVE once again so that unity is achieved. Let our innocence be fully awakened so that we can feel and share your LOVE all the time."  
Love, Love and Love
Vijay Kapoor
National trust

Subject: Nothing could be better than this for our Divine Mother.
Jai Shri Mataji.
Nothing could be better than this for our Guru & Divine Mother when the entire world is preparing for the Satguru's Puja.
Nirmal Love

Rahul Sahajyogi July 15, 2013 at 10:02 AM
We all are attending this program in collectivity (approx 300 sahajyogi). In ballia experiences is that Jab most hue to kya boley

From: Trivedi Muralidhar

Jai Shri Mataji
It is really joyous to find such a wonderful feedback experiences of yogis from different parts of the world.
Likewise it also happened in Chennai at two different collective centres. one centre at T.Nagar
had 40 yogis attending this online without any prior information but to their Amazement they could not believe how quickly these three and a half hours passed away and were drenched in the Love and Compassion of Shri Mataji. Normaly the yogis who come to this centre are not used to sit down
or stay for so long but for Shri Matajis Presence there was absolutely felt by each and everyone.  
Secondly, 15 yogies attended at chinmaya nagar centre and there also the feed back was same.
thank you Shri Mataji for Showering your Blessings and Leading us into your Kingdom.
with lots and lots of  Love to all the Brothers & Sisters of Atyourlotusfeetmother Yogies.
Jai Shri Mataji

From: Ashok Kumar Misra <>
jay sri mataji 
it was strong & beautiful vibrations experienced
now I have all my aces in my pocket for any sy work!
can we have it daily!? 
Best Regards,
Ashok Kumar Misra, BE, DBM, DIP(IMPEX),
36 Yrs @ Hindustan Motors (WB), Bharat Forge, Mather & Platt,
Premier Automobiles, JCB Manufacturing, Pune.
Corporate Trainer, Mentor BYST, Member; Project Guide-IEI (India)

Jai Shri Mataji
We Listen the whole evening programme and medidate with you it is very vibratory experience,
With good quality of voice signals.
By grace of Shri Mataji Plese keep it up.
Thanking You
Satish C Sharma
Guna MP (India)

jai shree mataji ji please arrange these programs in hilly areas.

The feeling of oneness with SHRI MATAJI that one gets during these programs whenever and wherever they are conducted is something that cannot be explained.The realisation that you are loved,cared and protected by goddess herself is so overwhelming.And all this can be achieved in a sahaj way where all one has to do is to have a pure desire to get connected to our SHREE MATAJI.

Very Nice & Vibratory Programme
Keep it up
Jai Shri Mataji

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