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Friday, October 9, 2015

01. Use Chrome, Google or IE browser. Firefox may not work in some devices
       and show "stream is offline".
02. Audio Player is on left side on top with a play (>) button inside or a message
        "stream is offline". If it does not start playing automatically then tap/click
        on play button. Normally you do not have to do anything  except for 
        opening the website and just wait. Keep volume control of your
        device/Mobile open.
03. If audio does not play then it mite be a temporary problem of Net being     
       slow. Try to refresh after a time gap till you start getting audio sound.
04. Try to use wired broadband as far as possible.
05. For receiving on Mobile phones at least use 4G or 3G services.
06. In case of any help pls send SMS or msg on our whatsapp gp on mobile 
        no.9810360096 during online meditation sessions.