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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meditation Program, Jalandhar 1-2 December 2012

From: Renuka Khanna <>
On Jalandhar seminar a Sahaji sister named Mrs.Seema shared her experience of that day.She always felt heaviness on her VISHUDHI CHAKRA.but that day when meditation to clear our vishudhi chakra was going on she felt something different ,you can say a miracle.She firstly felt heaviness on her chakra but soon she felt dat SHREE MATA JI herself was standing infront of her and was asking her to FORGIVE everyone .She said "mother i have done that ".But SHREE MATA JI told her to forgive everyone again but dis time with full heart.As soon as she did so she felt that mother came behind her and opened a knot of her vishudhi chakra and she started feeling cool viberations on her Sahastrara,which she never felt before.After receiving mother's kripa she was full of joy.

From: prajeesh sahaji
Jai Shri Mataji
Thank you so much
From: Venkata subba rao Erasala
Dear Sahaji Brothers & Sisters, Thank you very much for informing about the programme to be held on 1-2 December.   EVS Rao.
From: Rahul Kumar
Dear AtYourLotusFeet Mother team,
These sessions which you are all becoming instrumental to are filled with Mother's love attention and her divine vibrations. Whether we are at the
physical location of program or not, through the medium of Shri Vishnumaya one transcends the boundaries of place time and language and 
merges into the universal consciousness of divine love. In these times of test, your pure desires unites our hearts into bond of oneness eternally
blissful at the feet of Mother. May we all become instruments to the spreading of her divine love in this world and may whole world recognize the
greatness of her incarnation.
Jai Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

With all our pure love and respects.
(On behalf of whole of Indiana Collective, USA)

From: Dr. Purnima Sharma
 Jai Shree Mataji, 
     With the blessing of Shri Mataji, I could also enjoy the collectivity sitting at home in Delhi. Please include me in your mailing list. Heartfelt thanks to you all brothers and sisters for broadcasting the programme online. 
Purnima Sharma

From: Raj

By the grace of Shri Mataji, The Program transmitted online from Jalander ( 1 dec 2012)  was very very helpful. We all people feel the  utter silence. 
I want to be the part of this Online program always from now. 
Requested you please send us the email or SMS of all the future programs.
Thanks & Regards
Rajesh Negi

From: Leena Sethi

Subject: please send us intimations about your programmes
JSMJ , Please add me to the group .....Thanks and Regards ...........Leena

From: Anand Mohta
Thank You so much for the beautiful experience! Can I get the information of online webcast of future programmes on the below email ids: 

Warm Regards,
Jai Shri Mataji,
Anand Mohta

From: gs vasu

Subject: Jai shri mataji...

Jai shri Mataji
Kindly update my email id and mobile number in your database for all future programmes venue details. thanks & best regards
From: aruna gangadharan
Jai Shri Mataji, Please may I request you to include me in your mailing list for the information about the online meditation as I did not receive any message  though I had given the email id as also my mobile number when I attended the Deep Meditation at Unnao on the 24th and 25th Nov 2012.  
Thanking All of You
Jai Shri Mataji
Aruna Gangadharan

From: Vishali Subbi


jai shree mata ji
On the precipice of joy...

Where all my elements have turned into one element, the aatma tatva
all the dissonance into one silence
and then just the one name of our mother causes such an explosion of joy, unbearable joy

every pore of my body oozes joy...

Jai Sree Mataji...

It's really an awesome experience... the whole family remained extremely silent and was at whole peace in the devine presence of Sree Mataji, and the way it was broadcast was amazingly whole blessed.

Thanks a million Sree Mataji for your attention that kept all the Sahaj brothers and sisters come together and seek for Sree Mataji's devine blessings online. It was really a blessed session. It kept everyone at home at extreme peace and utter silence. I didn't even know what's happening around, though my 2 years old daughter was running around me and making noise, I was in a state of complete peace. The devine vibrations I have experienced was beyond any words.

Thanks once again Sree Mataji for keeping us in your attention and bless.

With Nirmal Luv

Shibu Valsalan

+973-3776 3886

Jai Shree Mataji

Many many thanks to you for this LIVE STREAMING of you workshop.

Jai Shri Mataji

Every online session, the experience is unique and I personally felt, the intensity of vibrations and the state of meditation is improving every session. Previously I used to take some time to settle down with my thoughts, attention etc. but today from the start the vibrations could be felt strongly on Sahastrar and the effect lasts long like when we used to attend Sakshat puja. It's once again a great combination of stutis, songs and all these are nothing but a collective prayer. Very soon the whole Sahaja sangha will be under one form of worship of the Devi, at your lotus feet mother..

Thank you Shri Mataji for blessing us with these miraculous awesome moments in our life..

Prakash S

Jai Shri Mataji

It is really amazing experience.
Thank you Shri Mataji for blessing us.


From: Mohini Harve
Subject: Blessings of Brahmanand !!!!

Jai Shri Mataji
Dear brothers and sisters
Absolute Silence speaks and I have no words to express the Joy and Gratitude for such blessings I received for this birthday.  Shri Mataji showered her Divine Blessings like Rain.  Ekakarita (as told by our brother) was utmost and felt all through the session on both days.  Only the Spirit was experienced and existed  and nothing else.
AtYourLotusFeetMother team are blessed by Shri Mataji to be instruments of the Divine to share this immense Bliss, Love and Compassion with all the Sahaja Yogis.
I pray to Shri Mataji that we be blessed with more and more such sessions that help us grow within.
Koti Koti Pranam and Abhaar Shri Mataji.
Jai Shri Mataji



From: umen kumar

Dear At Your Lotus Feet Mother.

Even though was not able to be present for the whole two day workshop I still feel bliss for whatever time I dedicated to the Dhyan program. When its 10.30 am India its 9.00 pm Vancouver time, but still found some time to be part of the meditation program. Hoping to manage my day better to take full part and advantage in the coming months program.
One day many will join in online. That is the best use of Internet the computers,tablets, Notebooks and smartphones
Thanks thanks and thanks
Lots of Love  from
Umen Kumar

From: sonia satish

Subject: Meditation Program on 1 and 2nd December
Jai shri Mataji

First of all - Koti Koti  Koti Prannam for the team   At your Lotus Feet Mother 

Meditation on  1st & 2nd  December was  so deep . May be  Mother would be happy that her children was able to absorb her  blessing and her power . We was really feeling that in our palms and on top of our head , and on  whole body really  so............... beautiful..

Especially on Agnya Chakra

With this meditation hope that Our Mother will  be happy with  her children   trying to bring  discipline in meditation and desiring to  reach the state where  Mother  wants us to be.

In between when u say the state of meditation , that this chakra is clearing ,Mother's  blessing is coming on  palms , see the vibration Now , at that time when we also feel the same ,we are very happy that we also can know the same state of vibration and that we' ve also become part and  parcel . Really so good that words cannot give the feeling .
Once again Prannam to  the whole team of At the Lotus Feet Mother  meditation for this effort .

Actually  it was our  UAE National  day Holiday  celebrating  the spirit of the union .

We also enjoyed our spirit union with Param Pujiya Shri Mataji  
 We would like to  Request for a Bhajan for the next session
' Chit Sada Rahea Maa Charanan Mei '

Awaiting for the next online ,Please Inform us the next meditation .

With Nirmal Love
Sonia  & Satish

From: Sang Ram
Date: Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 5:44 PM
Subject: JSM
Jai Shree Mataji
The session at Jalandar on 1& 2nd Dec 2012 by atyourlotusfeetMother team made us feel the presence of SriMataji, the Adhi Shakthi manifesting herself as paramchaithanya…All that we have to do to is nothing but to enjoy the flow of paramchaitanya everywhere… Each time as we sit for this online session… only gives a deeper meaning and a strong bondage or connection with SriMataji….As told by the team…it is very important the way we take Mother's name with full bakthi….not expecting anything other than the oneness in Her Lotus Feet…So as a result of this meditation , i find the following changes

1. The recognition of our Holy Mother is first of all established
2. You really start communicating with Shri Mataji and tell your pure desires…and enjoy the fruits!!!
3. Not get lost in wht mantra shud be told or get stuck with mechanical way of doing meditaion...
4. The main plus point of this meditation is , it helps to really surrender our problems in a better way and stop worrying abt any type of catches..When we keep  taking her name"Shri Mataji" ,it gives confidence that Mother is always there to protect us from any type of situation…or many challenges we face in society..
5. As the surrenderence becomes more, we cud feel the Mothers love in a prominent way and the ascent of the seeker is faster…(this is wht i feel ..)

Finally at the collective conscious level..we will all start feeling the joy and love of each other with the oneness at the Holy feet of our Mother… May Shri Mataji bless her divine instruments with many such programs and let each and every sahaji in this world benefit through this type of meditation…My special thanks for the singers for all the lovely bajans which poured tremendous vibrations...

With Nirmal love

From: seema shukla  
Subject: Sahaj program at Jalandhar
Dear Sahaji brothers and sisters,
Jai Shree mataji,
Sahaj workshop organised at Jalandhar was a true blessing of our divine mother for all of us. As always it was full of vibrations and bliss, we enjoyed both days and felt World cann't be better then this.
this has worked so deep inside that even after the workshop is over but, we can enjoy the same vibration only by remembering mother. we are feeling so light just like a kid, who is fully contented has nothing to worry at all.
May our divine mother bless all of us and keep us collective to spread Mothers message all over the world.
We thanks you all for organizing such a beautiful and blissful program online, this is a true blessing!! look forward for many more workshops in near future.
Jai Shree Mataji
Seema Shukla and Amiya Shukla
Pushp Vihar, Saket, New Delhi 

From: Niket Agarwal
Subject: experience at jalandhar
 Jai Shri Mataji,

I got the opportunity to attend the meditation program organized by the jalandhar collectivity.

The arrangement were awesome and so the food.

talking about the program it was a very nice meditation in the lotus  feet of our holy mother.

When the program started and after half of desiring blessing of shri mataji on our system  then it felt that mother have poured all her love on her children desiring such blessing.   vibrations are flowing from all over.

and also one time i felt   that there is a hole at the top of my head and cool breeze is pouring in. really great blessing.

i bow my head at shri mataji's lotus feet and desire to gave  such great a experience  again and again.

jai shri mataji


Subject: Jalandhar Sahaja Yoga Workshop
Jai Shri Mataji,
Dear Brothers and Sisters of our most beloved divine mother ‘Shri Mataji’ By the grace and blessings of Parampujya Param Paavani Param Kripaalu Shri Mataji I was blessed to be the part of this very blissful 2 days workshop for the first time on 1-2 December in Jalandhar. In the vicinity of our 'Parmeshwari' during the workshop session vibrations from starting till end were tremendous with holy divine bliss specially the start and end on the abode of ‘ Shri Viratangana Shri Shasrara Swami Shri Mataji’  I enjoyed the dissolved bhakti of all sahaji’s in and around the globe attending the program, through paramchaitanya I felt very serine atmoshpere and divine cool bliss on both palms and Sahasrara after crossing ‘Agyna’. And, it was all because of ‘Shri Matajis’ love for each one of us under the umbrella of her creation, wherein we all were connected whole heartedly in her divine kingdom.
My in-person experience was divine with my loving ‘Adimaa’ which can’t be expressed in words it’s beyond all concepts. ‘Shri Mataji’ name itself is sufficient to fulfill all desires, it remind me of her words ‘the name of your mother…but you should know how to take…very powerful mantra…’
I, personally believe if we take her name “Shri Mataji” with complete surrender, devotion, dedication & faith all our worries are absorbed in her love and we feel very light and enlightened.
I felt blessed by ‘Her Holiness’ to be her part and parcel to share innate love with all my divine brothers and sisters of Jalandhar and a very loving team of atyourlotusfeetmother. So humble, loving and downtoearth hearts. May mother bless us with such more and more events to enjoy her presence. ‘Jai Shri Mataji’
Prakash Zalke

jai shree mata ji,
Two days workshop held in jalandhar have no words to express our unque joy.we all enjoyed a lot.The flow of vibration was contineous and i was feeling like iam in haven with my was a beautiful collective conscious feeling.the maditation came as blessing like a sakshat puja for us.
And i request you to all my brother and sisters that online maditation programme should be held once a week so that we can over come our negativities.we all ejoyed a lot really it is words to express my feelings.jai shree mata ji.

With love and respect

From: Poonam Teckchandani

Jai Shri Mataji, 
I would like to share my experience.
"Jai Shri Mataji 
Sahaja Yoga which means very simple spontaneous process through which one can achieve the connection with divine in extremely easy way but over the period of time I lost the meaning of "SAHAJA YOGA". With time being passed in Sahaja Yoga I started reading more and more and engrossed into other things as in treatments, clearance techniques, etc. and forgot the most important thing which is .."To see, to feel and pray for connection with mother in my heart", this made me mechanical and I lost the joy of spirit. 
Recently, though i was not at Jalandhar and was sitting in a room and attending online meditation, I was completely drenched in the mother's bliss which I think I cant write here and than mother gave me chance and made me realize again that Sahaja Yoga is just one aspect of mother. For a Sahaja yogi mother is everything and all other things comes later when mother will come in the heart of the Sahaja Yogi...

Jai Shri Mataji and thank you mother for making us part of the universal family !!!!"
Poonam Teckchandani

From: Renuka Khanna <>

We the Sahajyogies of Jalandhar are heartily grateful to Param pujya Shri Mata Ji Nirmala Devi to give us an opportunity to arrange a seminar. We are thankful to all the Sahajyogies who came to Jalandhar from far away and those who attended the program online. It is by the grace of our dear Mother that She let "AT YOUR LOTUS FEET MOTHER" team to manage such an awesome program. By the power of 'VISHNUMAYA" sahajis all around the world were able to attend program at their respective places online.
                 Everything went on so smoothly .So much of vibrations and a state of complete thoughtlessness was felt throughout the seminar because of the meditation and melodious bhajans sung by the team.
It seemed as if some spiritual power is doing everything .Full grace of Maa Annapurna was felt by everyone at every meal.
          One of  the sahaji sister told that during meditation she had severe catch on her agya chakra .Soon she felt as if Shri Mata Ji is asking her to forgive every one, as soon as she did so ,the catch was released and she felt extremely cool vibrations on her sahastrara, which she never felt before.
     we all are still enjoying that state of thoughtlessness which is a great boon for us wishing to enjoy this type of programmes in future also, we bow at "THE LOTUS FEET OF MOTHER" which is our ultimate goal.
                 JAI SHREE MATA JI ..:)
                 JALANDHAR COLLECTIVITY..!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Meditation Program at Unnao (U.P.) 24-25 November 2012

Umesh1 December 2012 4:29 PM
We are so furtunate and million thanks to Shri Mata Ji, that able to attend Meditation Program in Unnao. This was so joyous for us, and Our Divine Mother continue showering the cool-breez/ Divine Love in the Unnao Area since last Saturday.
माँ हमारा रोम-रोम आपका ऋणी है। माँ आपको कोटि-कोटि प्रणाम।
- From Umesh Tiwari, Unnao Collectivity

From: Kratika Srivastava
Jai Shree Mata Ji,
well to begin with I would like to mention here is the DEEP MEDITATION program which was conducted in Unnao waz really awesome,it makes me felt like Mother is not far away from us she is very near to us and showering all her love on us...all Chakras were like dancing inside wid joy...whole sukshm tantra was illuminated with divine power....I have been praticing Sahaja Yoga when I waz 10 n nw I m 24 this long time has passed n still I m in Sahaja Yoga is because of divine love which Shrimataji showers in the form of cool breeze....this Deep Meditation program once again make me felt like we Sahaja Yogis r really very very special in the world n we found us lucky that Shri Mataji has chosen us for this work to spread Sahaja in each n every corner of this world...u people r doing really very very great work....may Ma bless u all with love...
well at last I want a favour from u guyz I hope u will do...the "mataji mataji instrumental" which u played in deep meditation, if u can attach a file here I shall be highly thankful to u...I have not found any link to download this bhajan on internet so asked u to do this favour...:-)
thank u in advance
Jai Shri Mataji

Kratika Srivastava
Unnao Collectivity....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Parama Pujya Shri Mataji has gifted us all a divine opportunity to collectively meditate and offer prayers at HER Lotus Feet. We are extremely pleased to invite everyone for an on line meditation program, on the request of Bahrain collective, on 15th November 12, Thursday, which is also New Islamic Year day and Diwali Puja day for Bahrain,UAE/Middle East. Timing: 10.30 am (India), Bahrain (8 am), UAE (9 am), Turkey ( 7 am), Italy (6 am), Australia (4 pm), Austria (6 am), France (6 am), Moscow (9 am), Germany (6 am), Romania (7 am), UK (5am), Vancouver (9 pm) onwards.

Experiences/ Feedbacks:
From: Sindhusarithasaurav Suresh
Jai Shri Mataji ..... !!! 
                    We , The Forunate Few of Bahrain Sahajayoga Family , Thank you , our very dear Sahaj Bros of Delhi , For the Blissful Meditation They Took Us into ,  on the 15th of Nov .....where in Shri Mataji's Grace and Attention was Evidently Felt Throughout !!!  It was Indeed an Immensly Fulfilling , Overwhelming and Unique Experience for each one of us !!!  Although it should be a known fact to all Sahajayogis that There is no Sahajayoga Without Shri Mataji.....we fail to acknowledge it many a times .....we give more importance to The Knowledge of Sahajayoga than the Source of Sahajknowledge , which is none other than Shri Mataji !!! But you , our dear bros took us on a Journey of Complete Bliss Along With The Mother Of The Universe , Shri Mataji !!! That made the Journey so Joyful, so Blissful and So Satisfying , with absolutely no Compeltion of any sort ....So much that Time didn't prove to be a barrier at all ....!!!
                     Shri Mataji is The Doer and The Enjoyer .... yes , That is The Eternal Truth ...But to Be Able To Become HER Humble Instrument Is The Greatest Joy and to able to Make Her Children Feel Her Presence At every Step of their meditation needs that Extra Special Attention from the Goddess Herself  .... This Special Attention Was Felt strongly on thursday ... For that we , the Sahajis of Bahrain Congratualte you all .... Let This Humility and Divine Love flow Thru Each and Everyone of us . throughout the World ....
                                        JAI JAI JAI SHRI MATAJI  !!!  

From: Suresh.K Nair
Jai Shri Mataji,
Thanks for the online meditation arranged on 15th Nov. 2012.
You are all blessed by Shri Mataji with her divine  Nirmala Vidhya,
with that Nirmala Vidhya you taken to us in heaven through the online
meditation.  We all felt  Shri Mataji’s presence and blessings.
Through out the section I felt the joy of Nirvikalppa stage, my all
chakras felt vibration (especially Swadishttan Chakkra),   and body
felt very cool.
I don’t have any words to express my joy.
With Love,
Suresh K Nair

From: Bindu
Subject: Online collective on Thursday for Middle East......
Jaishreemataji mothers grace I could attend the full meditation....and it was really very good......very well conducted....very beautiful verbal expressions of Bhakti towards shree aadimaa.......and very apt explanations of the ways to be one with our guru who is a adisakthi herself. I would like to express our gratitude to sahaj collective Bahrain who made this possible for many of us......such sessions in future will help all of us to unite at the lotus feet of our holy mother and to grow deeper in spirituality.........may shree mataji bless all of you there who took time out for this collectivity........Is it possible to make archives of such sessions so that our brothers n sisters who can't attend it live can also listen to them later.....with lots of love...........till we meet again.............jaishreemataji

From: mallesh
Jai Sri Mataji
At the out set i sincerely convey my thanks from my heart to the team, who has given the Online Meditation today morning on the request of our Bahrain Collective.
I m a S/Y and name is Malleswara Rao, from Visakhapatnam/Andhra Pradesh working in Bahrain. i attended  today's online meditation session along with my co sahaja yogies today morning.  In this connection, i would like to share my experience while i was attending the session. i felt blissful vibrations during the session. especially, when explaining by Matiji and your team about state if thoughtlessness (nirivichara), i could know more things about nirivichara and felt for some time completely in nirvichara. also when you are explaining clearing of Agna Chakra.. keeping right hand on angna chakra and left hand towards mataji, at that time for more than 10 minutes, i enjoyed the vibrations and my body became ver light and  felt the blissful vibrations. i can not explain those moments which i felt. i have been going to our Meditation Center for the last three years and attend all pujas and every friday attned for meditaion in our Bahrain collective. but today's experience, its all mataji's blessing to have such a wonderful meditation session.  i never felt it is online meditation session. i felt that i was in the presence of your team and do the meditation. the Four and half hours time just simply passed
with my knowledge with excellent you said, we should hv strong desire in our heart to be in nirvichara then definitely, mataji takes care us and keep us in the state of  thoughtless awareness. I once again convey my thanks to all the team and waiting to attend many more sessions like today in future.
with nirmal love and very warm regards
Malleswara Rao

From: Mohini Harve
Jai Shri Mataji
Dear brothers and sisters,
The meditation session on 15th November was a real blessing, a clearance of the Mahalakshmi channel, preparing for the Diwali puja we had in Dubai in the evening.  Due to this meditation I could absorb the vibrations and enjoyed the puja in a complete balanced and silent state.  Meditation was very blissful peaceful very very nice and beautiful.  There are no words to express the silence felt and could feel silencing of thoughts. Attention got fixed, enlightened and stable.  All through the meditation and the entire day the divine cool breeze as Divine Vibrations was flowing and did the work of an AC.  Can still feel the lightness within even today.
The meditation session conducted in this way makes it so easy to connect to the Divine Mother, to be one with Shri Mataji in a thoughtless state in deep silence within.  There are no words to express this deep meditative state felt.  How I wish we are blessed with this meditation every fortnight. 
Dear brothers, 2nd December Sunday, is UAE National day holiday for us here in UAE, would it be convenient to have a session?  If not possible we eagerly wait for the next meditation session information.......  
Thank you brothers and sisters and all AtYourLotusFeetMother team for sharing your love through such meditation sessions.
Jai Shri Mataji 
With Nirmal Love

From: Mohini Harve

Dear brother,
The bhajans are so so so beautiful, blessing from the Divine that you all sing from your heart.  It takes me into deep meditative silence every time a bhajan is sung by you all.  I enjoy every bit and every time the session gets over I am again waiting for the announcement of the next session to receive the blessing of being in the global collective.
With Nirmal love
Mohini Venky 

From: Prakash S
Subject: From Prakash / Bahrain

Jai Shri Mataji
Our profound thanks to Shri Mataji and her instruments at your lotus feet team for organizing an online meditation session.
The day coincided by the Divine Grace it was Islamic New Year day as well as prior to Diwali Puja.  Most of the brothers and sisters at Bahrain Collective assembled in one of our yogi brother's house and the atmosphere resembled Sakshat Puja.  
Very intense meditation with deep silence and barely we noticed the hours spent until Nikkuji apologetically announced it is  longer time  already.  In fact our heart was longing for more.  When we are sitting in the lap of our Mother, no botheration about time, thirst or hunger, isn't?
After the meditation, we were talking to each other about their experience but everyone felt the same, especially when the left and right nadi clearing was going on.  It was a tremendous feeling as if Shri Mataji was sitting on the dais during puja.
Every session teaches me something new, during Navratri session it was "without Mother, there is nothing in Sahaja Yoga" and today it was "Mother is the Destination".
The proof of oneness is the fact that almost everyone present there had similar feelings and vibrations during each stage of meditation combined with soul kindling songs.  In short, we felt the presence of Shri Mataji more intensely and for us this was the puja.
We pray to Shri Mataji to bless us with more and more such sessions and let the entire Sahaj Sangha realize the beauty and importance of effortless meditation.
All Glories to Our Mother and thanks for introducing us to Her strong instruments, At Your Lotus Feet Mother.
+973 39575301

From: Svetlana Barakina
Subject: suggestion

Thank you brothers for guiding such deep meditations.
I wonder if it possible somewhere to mentionh wich talks of Mother you had been using just in case if someone would like to listen for a full talk.
Jai Shri Mataji!


From: Amrei Willert
Subject: What a wonderful meditation today!

 What a wonderful meditation today! Thank you so much for this effort. So effortlessly we could enjoy being at Her Lotusfeet. Thank you again and again Shri Mother. 
P.S. Please inform me again when there will be the next online meditation.

From: rajiv lal
Subject: Fw: For Middle East Collective Online Prayer/ Meditation Program on 15 Nov 12

Dear Bhaiyas,
forwarded mail is FYI.
undementioned list comprise of yogis from middle east (apart from UAE)- Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi, Oman, Iran. Also from Australia, Hungary, USA etc. The unconditional love from the team of 'At Your Lotus Feet Mother' is so inspiring. Sure, one day we all will be part of the same Team.
Your brother,
Rajiv Lal 

From: rajiv lal <>
Dear Brothers and Sisters, 
Starting the auspicious day of Islamic new year in complete intergration with Divine Love and blessings of almighty Allah....
Please join with timings and Link per trail mail in respective countries and also inform as many Sahaja family members as possible.
By the Grace of Shri Mataji we all will yet again experience sitting together (wherever we will be) under one canopy (pandal) of Her Aanchal spread all over the World. 
Nirmal Love,
Rajiv Lal
(Abu Dhabi)