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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Collective Meditation Program at Bhimtal on 22 June 2013 , 4.30- 7.30 pm during National Seminar 20-23 June 2013

Experiences : 

From: R.P Thakur
jai shri mataji

to day shri mataji blessed us like any thing which can not be express in world.we can only
thanks shri mataji and prey that shri mataji countinew to bless us.again koti koti dhanyawad to shri mataji.
with regards

From: Abhishek Jain
Jai Shri Mataji
She is the Mother of all the Mother's, The one who makes every thing move in this universe, blessed to be her child who protects, uplift, provides me depth, She is "Karta" & "Bhokta" of everything.
Abhishek Jain

 From: narender dhama
                    the program was very joyful and with tremendious vibrations, and each and every one was enjoing that program with a new light, with blessing of Her Holiness Shri Mata Ji Shri Mata Ji Shri Nirmala Devi, light has clear all the barrier within us, which was against the param Chaitnaya, and gave all Sahajis serene mother love.
              Of course this programe will be a revolution in getting moksha, Jai Shri mata ji

From: himanshu
Dear Brother,
Jai shree mataji,
I am Himanshu chaturvedi,introdued in Sahaj yoga since more than a year before,first time i have attended the sahaj seminar,It was an unforgotable experience in Bhimtal seminar,deep meditation experience was awasome,hearttouching,before attending this session i have lot of doubts about the meditation pratices,methods,even how to surrender to the shri mataji,but after this session all my doubts are now cleared,it is only to pray shri mataji to get solution of all the problems rather than searching for different technique,i realy not able to found the word to express my happiness to be the part of this seminar.
Himanshu Chaturvedi

maa ka anant prem aur unka aashirwad aaj bahut sundar mehsus hua.
speechless maa ka anant anant dhaniyawad jo maa ne apni kripa hum par bakshi.
and thanks to this wonderful medium.
jai shree mataji..

1 comment:

  1. Jai Shri MATAJI,Today's program of Online Meditation From HYDERABAD IN TELUGU language gives me a WONDERFUL experience that the LANGUAGE is not a CONSTRAINT to be ONENESS with THE DIVINE MOTHER,because in ALL LANGUAGE the POWERFUL NAME "SHRI MATAJI" shall be the same in all the LANGUAGE spoken throughout the UNIVERSE.
    The only thing is how we SURRENDER into the DIVINE LOTUS FEET OF "MOTHER.