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Thursday, June 20, 2013

On Line Live Web Cast 4.00 pm, 22-6-2013 from Bhimtal Uttrakhand

                                                     जय श्री माताजी
                             May Shri Mataji bless us all for this program
परम पूज्य श्री आदिशक्ति श्री माताजी की असीम कृपा व् आशीर्वाद से राष्ट्रीय सहज योग सेमिनार व् श्री आदि शक्ति पूजा,भीमताल, नैनीताल , उत्तराखंड,  20-23 जून, 2013 के अंतर्गत 22 जून को दोपहर 4 बजे से 6.30 बजे सायं सामूहिक ध्यान होगा जिसका ऑन  लाइन प्रसारण ( यदि तकनीकी तौर से संभव हुआ तो) भी किया जायेगा I
By  the grace of our most beloved Holy Mother, there will be a collective meditation program on June 22, 2013 with Live Direct web Cast (if technically feasible due to heavy rains and hilly terrain) during the National Sahaja Yoga Seminar and Shri Adi Shakt Puja at Bimtal (Nainital), Uttarakhand, India, 20-23 June 2013.
All the Sahaj Yogies are cordially being informed.
Those who are not able to come are welcome to join on line.
Web Cast Link :
Venue :  Industrial area , Near Combi factory, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand
Dates and timings:   June 22 : 4 pm to 6:30 pm
Please Note : By Mother's grace this meditation program would be also web cast live however the transmission quality and feasibility shall depend on internet signal’s strength and speed availability of the data card at the venue. The program timings may vary at the last moment.  The program would be mainly in Hindi language.

Corresponding Live Webcast Timings : Manama (Bahrain) 01:30 pm AST,Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) 08:30 pm AEST, Vienna (Austria - Vienna) 12:30 pm CEST, Abu Dhabi (UAE - Abu Dhabi) 02:30 pm GST, Toronto (Canada - Ontario) 06:30 am EDT, Milan (Italy) 12:30 pm CEST, London (United Kingdom - England) 11:30 am BST, Moscow (Russia) 02:30 pm MSK,Paris (France) 12:30 pm CEST, Thimphu (Bhutan) 04:30 pm BTT,
Vancouver (Canada - British Columbia) 03:30 am PDT, Frankfurt (Germany - Hesse) 02:30 pm CEST, USA (Los Angeles) 03:30 am PDT, USA (New York) 06:30 am EDT, Romania (Bucharest) 01:30 pm EEST .
Web Link for time conversion:

Web Cast Link :


  1. maa ka anant prem aur unka aashirwad aaj bahut sundar mehsus hua.
    speechless maa ka anant anant dhaniyawad jo maa ne apni kripa hum par bakshi.
    and thanks to this wonderful medium.
    jai shree mataji..

  2. Maa ka prem aur Aashirvad jo mila oh bahut sundar hi . let this prem spread to all over the world.Maa We thank u very much. Jai Shree mataji.