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Friday, June 7, 2013

Photographic recollection and experiences of the collective Meditation Program at Ranchi, 1-2 June 2013 by the blessings of our most beloved Holy Mother

From :Mr. Vivek Sethi 
Jai shri mataji, i was blessed to take part in the programme in Ranchi, it was a wonderful experience and was out of the thoughts. The state of nirvichar was experienced for the first time by me and the true meaning of SAHAJ YOGA was known to me. I came to understand that we should all humbly ask for SHREE MATA JI'S divine blessings and not try to clear ourselves by our own. Only SHREE MATA JI can clear all of us and without any partiality. In SHREE MATA JI's eyes we all Sahaj yogis are equal. We all should practice humbleness in our day to day life also so that people could follow us and they can also enjoy the divine presence of SHREE MATA JI'S love. 


From: sonia  
Jai shri Mataji to the Team of Lotus Feet Meditation Meditation Programme at Ranchi was really wonderful .My heartfelt Koti Pranam to Shri Mataji for making At your Lotus Feet Mother Team as an instrument for giving us the True way of meditation with MahaMantra' Shri Mataji. i have been attending all your meditation program . Now my state of meditation has improved and i could sustain the state of thoughtless awareness . I hope everybody get this state so that we become one with Shri Mataji.May be due to low signal strength Net Connection went towards the end on sunday when there was a collective Bhajan from Jharkhand sisters. Way of singing really showed the love of collectivity there . May Shri Mataji Bless us all for this Meditation program again and again without any obstacle . 
With Nirmal Love 
sonia Dubai

jai shri mata ji,
shree mata ji kripa se jo anubhuti hume online he mil rahi thi maa ke photo ke samane jaise anubhuti thousand collectivity me anubhuti hoti h. maa apne har child ko har pal dekhti hai.' jagat janini maa shree mata ji nirmala devi'

Jai shri mataji,
It was a very Great wonderful Divine Experience. enjoy Divine Love of Mother.

From: anil kumar sinha  

Jai Shree Mataji:

          By the blessing of Shree Mataji, I have the occasion to attend the programme of Sahaja Yoga
on 1st and 2nd of June, 2013 in a Hall of Guru Nanak High School, Pe Pee Compound, Ranchi in the State of 
Jharkhand by a team of New Delhi comprising of more than 20 persons by Shri Natraj, Niku and my other brothers and sisters.
         Really it was a unique programme which I have no word to explain. The very special feature of this programme was that all the brothers, sisters, youva shkti, children have enjoyed the programme and all of them including my self and my wife and daughter realised the wave of param chaitanya from our body. In other words, I must say that all the sahaja yogi sitting in the hall with full capacity, approximately one thousand, have felt the wave of param chaitnya, which at least the Ranchi people have never realised 
such param chaityna. 
         I have joined sahaja yoga in 1999-2000 with my wife, daughter and son (entire family) and during the whole long tenure, I have not felt such unique experience. No doubt, it is completely a unique experience for me as well as for my family that too without any efforts and without any mantras--with only and only word "Kripa Kare Shree Mata Ji". By this bij matra or the wordings, still I am feeling the param chaitnya when I spell with core of the heart. It is really unique experience which I did not have a word to say. But I must congratulate you and all the members of the team for spreading the light shown by H.H.S. Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi. 
       Thanking you once again.

Anil Kumar Sinha,
LIG R-385, Harmu Housing Colony, 

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