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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

By the grace of Holy Mother, experiences of Meditation Program at Dehradun 26-27 October 2013

We participated in the online meditation held on 26.10.13 & 27.10.13 both the days.The place of Dehradun was beautiful as the meditation centre was surrounded by the hilly areas.We felt that whenever SHRIMATAJI was addressed as our PARWADIGAR or ISHWAR or ALLAH,our CHAKRAS & NADIS got a unique strength.Really our Holy mother is not but is also Supreme Boss.Undoubtedly,she is the doctor of doctors whose only name is enough to sort out problems .It is also a miracle that some care taker Bhaiya from Dehradun Centre  who was fascinated with an extraordinary beautiful appearance of our holy mother in the dream wearing green coloured saree .We can imagine what a great joy the incident carried for Bhaiya & other Sahaja Yogis .We were blessed to see the photos of mother's room and hers make up costumes,etc.At last we want to say that our mother has a great love for all of Sahaja Yogis.All memmbers of our family has timeless waiting for next meditation because meditation is the best way to reach divine.Thanking for our Mother and surrendering all the above to the Lotus Feet of our Mother who guided us to write the above lines.

Jai Shree Mataji,
Inspite of the poor linkage we, at Hooghly had a wonderful experience  with such a huge collectivity . Thanks a lot to Our Divine Mother for such a marvellous experience .
With lots Of Love
Hooghly Collectivity.
Kundan Patel       

The experiences of  such sessions cannot be expressed completely in words and these sessions bring out the vastness(in terms of compassion and love) of all-pervading blessings of our Holy Mother. This vastness can only be felt by means of  such surrendered prayers of her children. Keep it up. Our humble prayers for such sessions in coming days.
Sants, Bangalore

Jai Shri Mataji
Dear all
The meditation program at Dehradun Ashram was truly manifestation of divine desire  and the experiences of all of as have been so joyous and blissful.
We all Thank again and again to Shri Mataji having bestowed her love in this form, and enabling us to enjoy the true Collectivity of Sahaja Yoga. She has blessed all of us from different parts of country and World to become channels of her Love (Param Chaitanya) and spread her message.
Thank you again & again Shri Mataji.
With Love & Regards, At Your Lotus Feet Mother  

Jai Shri Mataji . I went from Chennai to attend this program at Dehradoon little hesitant because of the long journey. But was overwhelmed with joy to meet open hearted welcoming collective of dehradoon. The program was very nice. very elevating clearing blissful. Thanks to organizers and all sahaja yogis there and team of sahaja yogis of online meditation group. would like to attend more of such sessions when possible.
on return journey was able to talk about it effortlessly humbly and give experience of realization to 3 nice co- passengers.
could you please increase the frequency of these online programs so we are energized to be better instruments of mother's work. may be one in delhi one outside.
Thanks again for the lovely experience and also for the beautiful pictures of the program, center and mother's room.
Deepika Bhatnagar

Jai shree Mataji...All the members of  
Lotus feet mother..we all the sahajyogis really thank you. Heartedly for such a wonderful programe. The feedback that i am getting from all sahajyogis is Really positive and amazing. They all are appreciating this.... We all are benefiteed a lot by this programe..
we all wish to see you again in Dehradun.      With Nirmal Love
                   Cntr Co-Ordntr Dehradun

Gopikaa Vaidya
very beautiful :) much love to all :) Maa Bless Us All

chitradeep mukherjee, Kolkota

The overall program was outstanding. We could really feel the presence and blessings of Mother. We think the time was short next time we need more lovely moments to spend together with you all. Thanks thank you all so much.
Himanshu, Dehradun

Jai Shri Mataji
Thank you very much Shree Mataji for such a wonderful union YOU gifted to
all the Sahajayogi brothers and sisters. Lots of love and wishes to you.

Jai Shri Mataji….such peace, such joy…feels like a celebration.The way we would feel
At Mother’s puja in “saakar’ form-Vikrant@USA

Wonderful connection we felt, complete oneness with our Holly Mother. Koti koti

Naman to Shri Mataji. 

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