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Monday, November 24, 2014

By the infinite Grace and Blessing of Param Pujya Shri Mataji blissful meditation and joy of sharing love in collective, under bright winter sun in out doors at lush green sprawling sahaji's farm house at Pataudi, Haryana with dedicated,devoted and bubbling with enthusiasm Gurgaon Sahaja Collectivity followed by Havan at dairy farm at Khor village on 23rd November 2014.


  1. Jai shree mataji Thank you Shree Mataji 
    for a lovely day amidst yogis from various parts of delhi / ncr on 23rd nov 2014 at sharing of joy seminer ..all of us could feel Your Love and Vibrations flowing all around.
    We would also like to thank all members of At Your Lotus Feet Mother who conducted the blissful meditation session..ASHISH YADAV, GURGAON COLLECTIVE through whatsup msnger.

  2. Comments through whatsup gps:

    भैय्या ये तो आप लोगों के presence का कमाल था। इतना बढ़िया ध्यान। आप लोगों की वजह से इतनी दूर से लोग आये और enjoy किया। श्री माताजी जी कृपा है। भैय्या इसी तरह आप सब लोगों ध्यान में स्थापित कराते रहे और आनंद को बाट ते चले। जय श्री माताजी--Bhaskar
    👏 Keep it up Yuva Shakti and all other Sy's
    It's imp to be in touch occasionally excluding the regular centre
    May many more follow suit and have maximum small meet ups like this atleast bi-monthly or quaterly.
    Jsm and Fond Regards 2 All!--- Arvind Thakur