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Monday, October 13, 2014


  1. Jai Shri Mataji

    It was a wonderful feeling of oneness , joy and bliss during the online session of the Faridabad seminar. It gave much more clarity on things we do during our daily meditation. what do we expect when we sit in front of our Holy Mother? When we open our hands towards Shri Matajis photograph normally the attention goes on the kundalini where it is getting caught or we start of with request for removing this negetivity or clearance of the channel..left many times we get lost on our own self...
    During the seminar it was very nicely specified that ‘let the hands be open to do the ‘naman’ worship of our Holy Mother, the Supreme Goddess’ so that we forget our problems and get dissolved in the ocean of Her Love. The same thing was experienced during the seminar..When we opened our hands just for Mothers Love..we got back lots of it in abundance..All we did was nothing but took Her name with full devotion... and in return we felt the nirvicharitha and complete oneness and it was full of vibrations flowing out. Its a very powerful message that we have to be with Shri Mataji than sticking to ourselves. By doing this we are knowingly or unknowingly surrendering our own problems at Her Lotus Feet and we are not bothered much about it because we are on the lap of our Mother by being with Her during our meditation.

    Personally i had a beautiful experience during the seminar. Though there were few hurdles in my system, when i put the right hand on the different chakras and put my attention atHer Lotus feet doing Her was like a magic...i cud feel both the Nirvicharitha and the beautiful circular movement of the kundalini around the area where i placed my right hand and the entire place was cool when i removed my was in complete awareness of the living force working , the love and grace of our Supreme Mother.

    With Mother’s grace , such online programs should be done in a regular basis.. atleast once in a month. This also gives the joy of being together with a big collective though we are in different parts of the world. We all enjoyed the collective vibrations. During the last one hour when all the experiences were shared , especially of Biathaji the joy was boundless. I feel Baithajis experience is a classic example which explains Mothers promise which was repeatedly played during the seminar “ Aur har kadam har jagah kahi par bhi ho...kayamana vacha purna dhaya......”So his(Baithaji) prayer was so strong that Mother could stop the puja inbetween in Cabella for few minutes and attend Her devotee ..Such experiences only helps us build the strong faith and Bakthi of our Adi Shakthi. Koti koti Namaskar at Her Lotus Feet for giving us this big family and beautiful experience by just taking Her Name..
    Many thanks to the team and the Faridabad collective for all the efforts in giving us this program.

    With Regards
    Sangeetha Ram Prasad
    (Bahrain collective)

  2. Jai Shri Mataji!

    18th oct 2014, Rudra Prayag. This morning session has really taken us to BLISS and PEACE and HARMONY. Thank you Shri Mataji.

    with regards