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Friday, February 7, 2014


  1. Dear Sahaji brothers and sisters Jai Shri Mataji. program on 9th feb at police colony hauz khas was amazing. I was not having good vibration when I reached meditation hall but when we started with prayers there was a strong Mothers love felt and slowly slowly I was in complete meditation and felt beautiful vibrations in my entire being. I request organizers to have at least 2 meditation programs in a month.I also thoroughly enjoyed divine music sung by music team. Location of venue was also very convenient as it was adjoining metro station.
    with Nirmal love
    charu garg

  2. I had heard a lot about these meditation prog but could never attend one. I was lucky this time to be present at the prog on 9th feb 2014. My experince during the prog was unique. Initially i felt that there was a lot of talking going on but once my attention moved away from my surroundings and myself (as it was being told there that we should meditate on Shri Mataji and not on ourselves and there should a moment in our meditation when we should not desire anything else except the Saanidhya of Shri Mataji ) heavens opened inside. I got a feeling of complete awe and surrender towards Shri Mataji and experienced tremendous joy. At the same time i felt very secure and extremely peaceful.

    I sincerely request the organisers to have such meditation prog more often.

  3. Very Nice and deep Meditation Program. Felt deep connection with Shri Mataji after a long time. I hope we can have more sessions, if possible every Sunday.

  4. Jai Shree Mataji
    We Thanks At your lotus feet mother group, sharjapur collectivity & other online sahajee for collective
    meditaion with gave spiritual joy.
    Thanks Shri mataji for giving us Sahajanand, Niranand in continuous flow of blessing of chaitannya gunatit, kalatit......
    With warm regards & love
    Sahajayoga, Mumbai
    Satish Thakare