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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Koti Koti Pranam to Shri Mataji for these experiences/feedbacks of Meditation program on 19-20 March 2013 held at Chhindwara, Birthday Puja Celebrations

From: Arihant Das
Jai Shri Mataji,
I wanted to share my experience of Birthday Puja Celebrations at Chindwara. What a holy place is Chindwara. There was a distinct auspicious feeling in the entire place. The Birthplace of our Holy Mother, so beautifully adored and decorated with tenderness and love was pouring divine vibrations on every seeker. The mere sight of the Birthplace everytime we approached it, evoked awe and humility. The spontaneous working on the subtle system could be experienced even in the beautiful meditation hall near the Birthplace and prepared me for the two day meditation program and the Puja.  
The meditation conducted by the ATYOURLOTUSFEETMOTHER team on both the days was an experience which cannot be described in words. The depth of meditation and oneness with our Holy Mother gave a deep and lasting silence and instilled a sense of joy like never before. Whatever our brothers were praying could be felt on the subtle system and experiencing such manifestation of the power of Divine meditation spontaneously gave more and more gratitude to our Creator, who is the most Compassionate Adishakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.

No one could miss the great effort, dedication and love gone in all arrangements in the huge 35 acres land of Linga. Whether it is the well organised parking area, efficient and fast catering or the neat and clean staying arrangements, it was all done in a beautiful way and to the satisfaction of all. The unique facility of RO plant  providing free drinking water in sufficient quantity was a big comforting factor in the scorching sun. The huge meditation area with a seating capacity of thousands of Mothers children was an ideal place to be as it was also most comfortable due to the cool breeze blowing all the time. Many Congratulations to the entire organising team for such consolidated effort which is only possible by a team working with love and in complete dedication towards our Holy Mother.  


From: Mohan das
After a long time it was our privilege to take the name of our Guru
sitting amongst so many of HER children and experience HER in our
hearts at the very Birthplace of SHRI MATAJI.  Though the slot for
Meditation was just after lunch on a warm day on 19 Mar 13, it was as
fresh as morning with clouds drifting in to cool the weather as the
Workshop started.   The effect of prayer and a mix of clips of HER
talks, bhajans, aalap and classical music got one into thoughtlessness
and surrender in no time.  The Workshop continued next day, and when
it concluded many of the Yogis who had now tasted nectar (some for the
first time in many years) clamoured for more.

The arrangements made by the organisers (that one has not seen before)
 touched our hearts,be it the way they arranged for cool RO water ,
food and stay arrangements and a volunteer Yogi positioned near the
toilets with labour to see that water does not run out or drain does
not get blocked and the genuine smile with which packed lunch was
served after the puja to departing Yogis.  May SHRI MATAJI make every
collective event so touching.

From: Neha Sharma
       This year's Mother's Birthday celebrations at Chindwara was very special for me alongwith many others. On reaching Chindwara it was a blessing to bow down at the Holiest of Holy shrine and then on reaching our accomodation we were welcomed by a beautiful floral fragrance. Also, what gave immense joy was to see so many hoardings displaying beautiful pictures and quotes of Holy Mother in the entire city. We could feel and see Mother everywhere in the city.
       The 2 days meditation program by the team before the Birthday puja was a very beautiful experience and its impact can still be felt in our daily meditation. On the first day, very deep cleansing was happening and by the end of it we were very light and fresh. On the second day the connection with ShriMataji was much stronger and for the first time I could be with Mother for long without any effort. I am really grateful to Shri Mataji for granting us such a beautiful experience. What I learnt from this meditation session was that when we remember with awe and humility that Mother is the supreme Ishwara, the All Pervading and All Powerful Primordial Mother then we are effortlessly taken into a deep silence and are blessed with the sanidhya of Mother. In the meditation session at that time I could not understand why we are not doing anything but just bowing down our heads to Mother. For a long time we all were asked to bow down our heads and Agnya to Shri Mataji again and again and do nothing else. But later I could feel the impact of this when we were taken in that deep silence and were enjoying the company of divine Mother. Thank you Shri Mataji. I need to go a very long way as I still have to imbibe the joyous humility of bowing down my head to thy greatness and love, Mother please bless us with the humility and awe of sitting in front of your enlightened photograph.
Hope to have another beautiful session of atyourlotusfeetmother in the next year's Birthday Puja.
Jai Shri Mataji

From: Sang Ram
Dear Yogis,
I thank Shri Mataji for the golden opportunity of my life to sing at Her Shrine and be part of atyourLotusFeetMother  team during the seminar..
During the first day of the seminar i was asked to sing this bajan "Thu hai Eswar" and accordingly i sang the full song with little nervousness aware of the huge crowd sitting behind...(more over it was the first song i which i rendered at Her Lotus Feet).
On the second day of the seminar i was asked to sing the same song in the beginning of the program...the first thing that stuck me was that i have already sung this song and our brother is asking to sing the same..As a musician this came into my mind...but never mind because it was Mothers wish.. so sang two lines from the bajan with devotion...
Much to my surprise after an hour of meditation, our brother again requested to sing the same bajan, but this time i understood that there is a very very important message that was needed to be understood and cherished by every sahaja yogi. Before i could start the bajan, our brother told "now pray to Sri Mataji that each and every one sitting here should feel that our Mother is the sakshat Eshwar, she is the Parameshwar and  she is the  Parama aanandha ma"...My first reaction was , what should i do for that? ..I prayed Mother that each and every word should fall at her Lotus feet like flowers..Mother Iam not singing...u r the doer and u r the enjoyer please sing this song and let me also enjoy along with you...This was my prayer in my heart...Automatically the rendition was little slow  in tempo and was sung from heart, full of bakthi..fully focused at her Feet...i normally never get satisfied easily because attention would be on the sruthi and the rythm and the way it all gels...but this was like i was not concious at all because I was drenched in that essence of the bajan... I also got a feed back that my second time rendition of the bajan was much better than the previous times!!!

Normally i used to feel that in one of our brothers singing and always wanted to sing like that  full of bakthi straight from heart. It is very clear that singing should be very spontaneous and completely surrendered so that the way it flows will be taken charge by the divine. I thank all my brothers and sisters for giving such a wonderful moment.

With Wishes

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