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Thursday, December 20, 2012

All are humbly invited to join an online Meditation and music program on 31st December 2012 at 9 PM (IST) Indian Time, Manama (Bahrain) 06:30 pm AST, Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) 01:30 am EDT, Vienna (Austria - Vienna) 04:30 pm CET, Abu Dhabi (UAE - Abu Dhabi) 08:30 pm GST, Toronto (Canada - Ontario) 01:30 pm EST, Milan (Italy) 04:30 pm CET, London (United Kingdom - England) 03:30 pm GMT, Moscow (Russia) 07:30 am MSK, Paris (France) 04:30 pm CET, Thimphu (Bhutan) 09:30 pm BTT, Vancouver (Canada - British Columbia) 07:30 am PST, Frankfurt (Germany - Hesse) 04:30 pm CET, USA (Los Angeles) 07:30 am PST, USA (New York) 10:30 am EST


  1. JSM
    Nellore, South India, A.P. 00:05 A.M.01-01-2013
    Dear Sahaji Brotheren & Sisters,
    Thank you very much for us for giving a chance to enjoy the presence of our holy mother on the eve of new years day. The western classic given us higher state of consicioussness, and our team unable to move from our seats before the sysem.
    We are praying mother to give best strength to your team to serve the Sahajis all over the world, with her holy blessings.
    We wish to you a very happy and prosperous new year 2013 in the presence of our holy mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ji.

    Yours in mothers Service.
    EVS Rao, (Mother's sahajis nest.)

  2. JSMJ
    By the Grace of Shri Mathaji we felt the bliss and love of our Mother from starting to end of the programme. Added to that the bajans in Tamil take us to multiples of Joy.
    Thank you very much Shri Mathaji.
    Bless us with more amd more programmes like this. Thak you very much my dear brothers and sisters.
    In this new year a Humble prayer to Shri Mathaji that each and every one living in Tamilnadu get their Atma Sakhshatkar and a grand live programme (with online) may be blessed in our collective located at Cuddalore,Tamilnadu.JSMJ
    R.Sambathkumar,Cuddalore Tamilnadu.

  3. Jai Shri Mataji

    Very nice songs.

    Thank you

  4. Thank you Shri Mataji for giving us a wonderful beginning of 2013 with collective meditation. We pray at your holy lotus feet to keep us all together, united & loving forever & forever.
    Adidev, Sagun, Lakshminarayanan

  5. Beautiful bhajans at shri mataji's charan....2013 will be beautiful by mothers grace//

  6. Jai Shri Mathaji.

    Thank you very much for giving to enjoying collective vibrations . very wonderful vibrations. Again thank you and wish you happy New Year 2013. SHRI MATHAJI BLESS TO ALL.

    Mr. Arutselvam
    Tindivanam, Tamilnadu

  7. Jai Shri Mataji!!!

    From my heart, Thank You for a beautiful meditation session.

    Dallas, Texas


    This is the first time i enjoy this online programme. Because of my net problem i am unable to get voice continuously but fully connected with shri mathaji and sahaji yogis world collective. My family members also very much enjoyed. Mathaji makes this new year has very special to us. i am happily say that all sahaji yogis in the world are connected very first second of new year 2013. so that we are connected for ever by the grace of shri mathaji. Her holy mother blessings we have to continue spreading activities to make others to feel our mother's lotus feet and blessing.
    koodana koodi namaskaragal mathaji for give this opportunity to do online meditation. Brothers and sisters, your bajans makes mathaji's happy so that we got full blessing vibrations from her holy mother. awaiting for online world collective meditation.
    happy and prosperous new year wishes to every one.

    Sy.D.Suganandam, Pondicherry.

  9. jsm, thank you, good process of meditation. jsm.

  10. The online program into the new year was a feast for the soul. The stutis, and especially the multiple aalaps were excellent. One was immediately reminded of the same song of Maria sung in the sakshat puja in Cabella. The moment the Yogini singing the Tamil stuti said 'just once' on the number of times MOTHER's name has to be taken, the whole body responded like never before.
    Mohandas, Bangalore

  11. jai shree mata ji plz alway keep my chitta on your lotus feet .........................
    Your Daughter Sandeepa