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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meditation Seminar, Farrukabad, 13-14 October 2012

From: Niket Agarwal
Subject: exp from farukhabad
Jai shri mataji ,
it was really very nice at farukhabad.  we felt so much lightness in our body then could not be explained in the words. I want to share an experience I listened when coming back to Moradabad in bus.
 there is a sahajayogi in the bus who is also coming from the program and going to bareilly.
His name is Banwari Lal. He is from a small village near Bahedi in UP.
he told me that when the brother from delhi sang a bhajan "Nir Bhay Nir Gun " then he said that he don't know where he is , he is so much with shri mataji and also said that he felt like in the whole room there is shri mataji and him and no one else.
he further said that his arms , legs  felt numb with vibrations and he actually could not feel his body and he have to pinch himself to confirm that his hand or legs or body is here.
he could not tell the experience in the public because he was feeling shy.
may maa give us all,  the true meditation which she actually want to gave us.
jai shri mataji


  1. Jai shri mataji,
    It is really very great to have live online meditation program, we come to know about this feet on last sunday and today i got the site address. Please inform us whenever there is any online live program
    email id
    may maa give us all, the deep meditation which she actually want to gave us.

    Sudhir Kumar
    Aligarh, UP, India
    With regards and respect
    jai shri mataji.

  2. Jai shri mataji,
    Please inform me whenever there is any online live program is happen. my email id is
    may maa give us your blessing.
    Subhajit Chanda
    Asansol, West Bengle, India
    With regards & respect
    Jai shri Mataji Nirmala Davi.