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Monday, September 17, 2012

By the divine grace of Param Pujya Shri Mataji, Meditation Program at Pahalgam, Srinagar, Kashmir 7-9 Sept 2012 with simultaneous live transmission on line on internet.

Experiences and Feed backs:

pratima sharma
The two days long meditation programme in Pahalgam (J&K) was a marvellous experience. Over there when we were told to leave everything on Shri Mataji’s photograph we felt the cool breeze from all over and the whole body became light and relaxed.
The experience of sharing of vibrations was inexplicable. I was feeling as if I am in the lap of the  Divine Mother and she is holding me in her soft and tender arms. When I was asked to share my experience, I was reluctant to open my eyes as I was in bliss and I felt as if I was being snatched away from my Divine Mother.
The bhajan and stuti were miraculous and the effect of the maha mantra "SHRI MATAJI" was touching Divinity.
Thanks to Delhi collectivity for giving an opportunity to receive such a wonderful experience.

jai shree mataji..
it was a tremendous experience to attend a seminar online...
i am v thank full to u for your efforts...
it will be better if we we are able to see online program...

Mohan das
It was a privilege to be able to be a part of the workshop in the
'paradise on earth' from 7th to 9th of this month.  The sights, smell
and sound of nature in Kashmir added to the joy of getting together
once again to take the name of DIVINE MOTHER, who took us all into her
care.  The visit to Hazratbal after the program was memorable due to
the silence one felt within. May the love of MOTHER envelope the
troubled state, and all its natives recognise HER.

Niket Agarwal
Jai shri mataji ,
I got the Diamond Oppportunity, I must say this, to attend the workshop in pahelgoan, srinagar.  It's obvious that the workshop was amazing. IT is known that Kashmir is heaven on earth  but when  so many yogis are present  then it is really the heaven on earth. We reached there in the evening and the workshop start from the next day.  
I was felling heavy in my body , and some chakras are catching initially but I know one thing that I am here to get myself cleared FROM Shri Mataji and I was too confident that I will be cleared.
It's a blessing of our mother that as the program  proceeded we felt lighter and ligter and at one stage when we asked to keep the hand on mooladhara chakra and swaishthan chakra then it felt like something opened and the param chaitanye poured in.  
We thoroughly enjoyed . All the sahajayogis from different parts of India have came there.Lots of interaction took place but the greatest of all is with our MOTHER.  
Thanks Mother and I really with my bowed heart at your lotus feet pray that please give me more opportunity to attend such workshops and remove all he badhas which were coming to attend such workshops. Please mother may other also get such a bleesing of yours.  
With love

Grace Chen
Please add me in your notification list and inform me in advance about
this online meditation program.   Thanks a lot.
Jai Shri Mataji!!
Shri Devi (Grace)

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