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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meditation Workshop at Palakkad, Kerla 26-27 May 2012

Jai Shri Mataji
Sahaja Yoga – 2 days workshop on Effortless Meditation – Chittur, Palakkad Dt, Kerala
By our Holy Mother’s Grace, we are conducting 2 day’s workshop on effortless meditation at Chittur, Palakkad Dt, Kerala. We kindly invite everyone to participate and make this as a wonderful spiritual experience.  Venue and other details are given below.
Venue : Nehru Municipal Auditorium, Chittur, Palakkad Dt, Kerala 678 101.
Date and Time:
26th May 2012 Saturday – 9AM to 6PM
27th May 2012 Sunday – 9AM to 4PM

Note: There will be a Havan on Friday, 25th May 2012 at 4PM
Registration Charges
Train : Need to get down at Palakkad Jn (PGT) station. From there it is 20KMs to the venue. To reach the venue by bus, first we need to take the bus to Palakkad Stadum Bus Stand, from there take a bus to Chittur Unicode Jn. (Palakkad Jn (Olavakkode) Palakkad Stadium Bus Stand Chittur Unicode).
Auto fare from Palakkad Jn Railway station to Venue Rs.250.
Air Route : From Coimbatore airport, it is 65 KM to the venue.  ( Coimbatore KG Chavadi Velanthavalam Kozhinjambara Chittur)
Contact Details:
        Jayaraj  - 09447297528 -
        Jayanand – 09790980568         
        Rajanish - 08893376266

Experiences  :
From: Jayanand Sahajayoga
Date: Wed, May 30, 2012 at 8:13 PM
Subject: Effortless Meditation Workshop Conducted at Palakkad on 26th and 27th May 2012..
Jai Shri Mataji,

This is about the 2 days effortless meditation workshop conducted on 26th and 27th of May at Chittur, Palakkad Dt, Kerala St

This was the first time I attended the effortless mediation workshop – I really don’t know how to explain that blissful experience in words…

-        There was tremendous vibrations flowing throughout these 2 
-        I was in a complete joyful state for the entire 2 days.. and In the second day session it was full of tears flowing from my eyes…..
-        We could really feel the power of Shri Mataji’s name in the meditation.. As soon as we call Shreeee Mataji..from our heart.. thoughts were vanishing within seconds..  
-        My elder sister started feeling vibrations on her both hands after this workshop where she was feeling very less vibrations on her right side earlier
-        My Father and mother of Age 72 and 65 each, could sit for the whole session without any difficulties.. it was possible only because of the blessings of Shreeee Mataji..
-        Experience from our Yuvasakthi – Vikas – on exchange of vibration.. As soon as others started passing vibrations to the members on dias.. he went into the complete thoughtlessness and after completing that, he felt that he lost 2-3Kgs of his weight…Jai Shree Mataji…
-        Effect of this workshop even continues now and we could easily get into the nirvichara in our daily meditation at home..

My heart full thanks to the yogis from “atyourlotusfeetmother” team.. and also my sincere thanks to the pure desire of the local sahajayogis – that pure desire and the hardwork only made possible to be in the joyful state for 2 days .. Effect still continuing…  

Jai Shreee Mataji..

From: Shallu Gupta
Date: Wed, May 30, 2012 at 11:23 AM
Subject: Palaghat Seminar (Kerela)
Dear Brothers and sisters
      Jai Shree Mataji
The two days in Palaghat were very blissful. Specially the second day was full of divine love flowing, which was engulfing all of us into Maa's Sanidhya . Experiencing of energy while taking bandhan and Paramchaitanya flowing on all the chakras was great. Even after travelling from palaghat to coimbatore to bangalore to airport I was feeling fresh.  Awesome Experience!!
May MAA Bless us with more such experiences.

From: jayaraj pc
Date: Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 5:49 PM
Subject: Feedback on the meditation workshop conducted on 27th and 28th at Palakkad - Kerala

Dear brothers and sisters ,

First and foremost, I would like to bow and thank SHRI MATAJI for bestowing on us at Palakkad, her blessings and love by sending such loving brothers and sisters to conduct the workshop after which we are raised to a higher level of well being, feeling of vibration and Meditation.  Permit me to express the feelings of everyone including myself.

The weather just before the workshop cooled down as if to prepare for it, and there was no need of the fan during the Program in the time of the year when we feel humid and hot in this part of the country.

In the first part of the Workshop, I felt pain in my right Swadishtan which disappeared as we approached the break time.  The vibration are flowing continuously thereafter. 

Two to three yogis who have never felt vibration in the hands or Sahasrara or even thoughtlessness before, started experiencing it continuously after the workshop and is flowing even as we send this mail.

Rajneesh is in a state of nirvichara and bliss which he is unable to explain in words.

Babu started feeling tremendous vibration after two days of the program in his hands and Sahasrara.

Saraswati had a lot of doubts and questions before commencement of the workshop which automatically got answered during the course of the two days which passed very fast.  The body had pain here and there for two days, and after that it felt that there is lot of change.

Sushma bai has just been four months since she came to Sahaj Yoga and has not attended any program earlier.  She felt tremendous relief after some initial discomfort,

Rajan felt the program to be very good and his vibratory awareness and meditative state has improved.

Ambujam could attend the workshop only on the second day, but, she felt vibrations all over the body.  She has prayed for more such programs in the future.

Sasidharan has been practicing only for the last 5 months and has felt a good change in his depth.

Kanaka Latha and Shiv das are a couple who have been practicing for the last 2 years and have been having lot of family problems, but after this, the otherwise irregular husband has become regular in his clearances and Meditation and a change is noticeable in the family.

Rekha and Sasidharan are a couple who had lot of worries, and she had a fear in the centre heart.  After this program all her problems have been resolved as if she had gone through a shuddhi procedure.  Husband has liked the program and has become regular in his clearances and Meditation.

Jyotish has not been regular in collective programs but after the program he has started feeling that he is in contact with MOTHER.

My mother Rajamma had a very good feeling with her left heart becoming cool from both sides especially from the back (which felt like ice) throughout the workshop.

My wife Suma had to go for exams after the first half on day one.  She went to the exam with full vibrations flowing and it continued into the next day in full depth.  She has expressed her thanks to SHRI MATAJI.

May I, in the end, say that, let all of us unite in the love of SHRI MATAJI  in spreading that love to more and more people.  Let us also have more such programs at the interval as deemed fit by HER.


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  1. Dear Sahaja Yogi Sisters and Brothers,

    I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the meditation workshop in Palaghat, Chitur, Kerala (may 26th and 27th). I was grateful to have a unique experience, which I would like to share with you all.

    The Sahaja Yogi's commenced the meditation session by cleansing all our chakras and chanted Sri mataji's name. I could feel the Kundalini energy slowly rising to the Agnyna chakra

    The lower plate of my head felt heavy and
    was feeling sleepy due to the heavenly bliss. My thoughts were continually with my Guru Sri Mataji as though she was putting me to sleep

    I'm slowly feeling the cool vibrations on my palm and finger tips which created harmony within me.

    After hearing the devotional songs of Shri Mataji I went into a thoughtless meditation state and was unaware of my whereabouts until

    I was surprisingly awakened by the noise of the microphone. I give my heartfelt gratitude to Sri Mataji for this heavenly experience.

    Leela Ravindran