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Monday, May 14, 2012

We are eternally grateful to Param Pujya Shri Adi Shakti Shri Mataji who is ocean of love and compassion which is unfathomable and HER mere thought can cleanse and relieve Her children of all their burdens. We are extremely thankful to our Primordial Mother from the core of our heart for giving us an opportunity to do online meditation on Mother's Day on Sunday, 13th May,2012. Thousands of Yogi brothers and sisters along with Sahaj families from 39 countries, joined the meditation. Shri Mataji, we pray at your lotus feet to give us many more such opportunities. Many thanks to our Yogi brothers and sisters all over the world who have sent their experiences which are full of the fragrance of their love for our Holy Mother. We have posted below these beautiful experiences so as to share them with the one big global family of Shri Mataji.


Fatma Badri            May 13 (2 days ago)
Jay Shri Mataji
Hello Dear Sahaji,
These meditations are wonderful. Prayers and expressions are beautiful and full of vibrations. I would like to listen again and again. Please make an recording for this broadcasting.
With Nirmal Love

asha bhandari   6:32 PM (18 hours ago)
Jai Shri Mataji,
Thank you so much for todays session, it was really very nice. If it is not possible on weekly basis, the session should be on monthly basis.


Indu Puri      6:37 PM (18 hours ago)
Jai Shree Mataji,
This collective effort is heartily appreciable and drowned each yogi into the eternal ocean of bliss that is flowing through mother's lotus feet. We are grateful to our mother by whose grace this meditation could reach many seekers globally.
Thanks & regards

sanjay gupta    6:39 PM (17 hours ago)
Jai Shri...Mataji,
Dear brothers and sisters ..I would like to thank our  beloved mother and all Sahaj Yogi brothers and sisters involved from the bottom of my heart to provide this day full of such beautiful medititive experience. I would always select one such day full of vibrations against 100 years of life without SY. Being in Gulf today was a working day for me. But my pure desire to be a part of this workshop paved the way for a full day's meditative experience. Although I was physically alone in front of my computer but I felt I was sitting with the entire collective and could feel the vibrations of all the brothers and sisters who attended this workshop.
Jai Shri Mataji
Sanjay Gupta

vikrant chouhan  6:57 PM (17 hours ago)
Jai Shri Mataji,
Thanks to mother for blessing another workshop. 
While I attended the workshop in US timezone it was the night here.The session begun at 2330 hrs CST.
I only had a nap during the break.It's about 0815 hrs now. However, I am absolutely fresh and fine and such are the blessings of mother that my heart wants more of this.
Jai Shri Mataji

vijaya rengasamy     7:04 PM (17 hours ago)
Dear Yogis at lotusfeetmother team,
I am a yogini from Malaysia and I was introduced to the website by an Iranian yogini whom I met in Vashi.
I had the blessings to join in the online meditation on the 12th May.....Oh, I am lost for words to describe the joy I felt throughout the seminar.
It was my first time to experience effortless meditation and it was giving tremendous vibrations and I felt like I spend the whole day with Shri Mataji.
The only Mahamantra Shri Mataji was used during the entire seminar and that was absolutely joy giving and taking me easily into meditation.
There was a great deal of learning took place especially on how to surrender our problems to Shri Mataji and be completely free from the bombardment of thoughts.
I pray that all the people in all nations come together at Mother's Lotus Feet as the sahaja yogis of the world meditate in Nirvicharithra.
Thanks to all of you at the team.

Muni Bharath  7:06 PM (17 hours ago)
Jai Shri Mataji,
Dear Yogi and Yoginies,
I wanted to share the experience which i felt in today's workshop.
In our house, we are around four sahaji's attended this workshop. Initially due to some reasons, I could not sit for meditation, feeling bored and all. Slowly slowly i started feeling nice and at the end of the lunch session felt good. After the lunch session, during the talk of Shri Mother on Nirvicharitha in hindi for the first time, In the spine, i could feel the kundalini maa was cleansing nabhi, vishudhi and back agnya. This feeling was very nice and after that i got the absolute nirvicharitha and enjoyed the session very nicely. We hope we will attend this same kind of session atleast once in a month. I thank  from heart  Shri Mataji for giving us the opportunity to meditate collectively by taking the name of 'Shree Mataji'.
With Love,
Muni Bharath

Jayant Patankar        8:40 PM (16 hours ago)

Beautiful, better still Satyam, Shivam Sundaram. No other words can describe the purity of bliss and the beauty of those priceless moments spent together today on Mothers day in the online meditation. Thanks to all the beautiful and vibrated instruments of our divine mother in the form of our dear brothers and sisters form Delhi.
It reminded me of the old times when we came to Sahaj in Delhi way back in the late seventies, pujas used to be for 4 to 6 hours or even more with 1008 names, bhajans and lots and lots of meditations. It used to initially wear me out as a 12 or so year old settling down for that long meditatively used to not happen often in the sakar presence of Shri Mataji. The stamina to meditate would certainly increase. Shri Mataji would lead as our mother and her steadfastness in meditations used to take us all along. 
Those early experiences were foundational as they were really intense and used to take us all beyond our frugal human capacities to meditate, however once you persevered and resisted the physical discomfort, thoughts, feelings and the wandering attention, Mothers attention, love and vibrations would build up and encompass the whole collective to transport us all into a blissful realm beyond, where no discomfort existed. 
There would be a tranquil bliss, silent and profoundly holy, peace and a secure continuity you would get used to such that one never wanted to be out of it or away from it ever again. It was pure HEAVEN. I distinctly remember feeling angelic and somehow in the air, possibly even weightless. Nothing seemed to matter, food, water, body, place, temperature, time etc would all loose its significance and somehow your heart, body, mind, stomach all, the whole of you would be full and one with everything!
I am witnessing even as these words are flowing out, narrating an experience which is from so many years ago that it only existed in my memory so far, its like an eternal timeless moment that is as alive as it was when it came into being. 
Recently I was very fondly shown a picture of those days, which unlocked the vibrations in the timeless moments at her lotus feet.
This is the first time it is expressing itself, I am  grateful to our divine mother whose profound blessings make everything so blissfully possible , then, now and forever in the future, it will only be her grace which blesses thus. Timeless grace in all its eternal beauty and glory, our divine mother - Shri Mataji, most respectfully.
The same heavenly experience I had today in the day long online meditation conducted on
The divine powers of all deities and past incarnations have all come together so beautifully in the holy name of our divine mother as could be experienced within.
It is a blessing of our Divine Mother to give us such a medium during her incarnation to have all her children on mother Earth come together at her lotus feet so she can keep us in her August divine attention - Paramchaitanya.
Glory to our divine mother who flows within and who permeates everything as the all pervading Paramchaitanya. Jai Shri Mataji.
It would be nice to have a periodic online global meditation like this possibly even once every fortnight or so, so we can all be collectively at her lotus feet. Time zone differences would have to be considered for it to be convenient for all. It would also be nice to let different collectives globally do it so all could share in their love and help the pure desire grow in different parts of the world as well. After all the whole garden grows when the sun shines.
Most Gratefully surrendered at her divine lotus feet,
Jayant Patankar

unni krishnan    9:20 PM (15 hours ago)
Jai Shri Mataji
Thank u very much for the wonderful prog. It was very effective and everyone enjoyed and felt the presence of Shri Mataji. We had arranged for special screening in one of the centres. About 20 of us were there.
I think u should have this prog once a month on a fixed Sunday, say the 1st Sunday or the last Sunday.This will help every to plan and be available on the due date. It will be good if the session can be done in the morning say from 9am to about 1.30pm.

ashish dangwal     11:50 PM (12 hours ago)
Jai Shri Mataji,
I have attended today's meditation seminar with my roommates. We are four in the room. In the first half session, I could feel my different chakras revolving during meditation. Because of this reason, I was feeling very much tired. But in the second half session I was very much relaxed and feeling thoughtless state. I was feeling like some electric current moving through my nadis. Our mother who is the adishakti was clearing all my chakras. I my opinion these type of meditation seminars really help the seekers.There should be one seminar in every month like this seminar.
Suggestion: I am attending your meditation seminar third time. But this what happens that you are speaking one time in hindi and one time in english. Because of this reason i could not able to put my attention properly. This is my personal suggestion only that from the next time, please speak in only one language, either english or hindi.
Ashish Dangwal
Mobile No - 7893327990

CARMEN ANDREI   6:27 AM (6 hours ago)                 
Jay Shri Mataji!
Was amazing connecction with Mother.strong vibration.Thank you.
Jay Shri Mataji!

Prem Mishra, New Delhi:

From: Suahsini Gupta
Date: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 11:18 AM
Subject: Blissful experience

Dear All Brothers & Sisters

The meditation on 13th May was awesome. The experience was so refreshing that we could feel the difference till now.
Everyone was feeling the love of MAA with just one Mahamantra "SHRI MATAJI" . I pray to Maa that all the people of
 world will sit together one day for this DIVINE LOVE. We are getting addicted to this aroma of nature.
From all the Chandigarh Collectivity

From: Trivedi Muralidhar
Date: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 2:48 PM
Subject: Blessing of Shri Mataji

Dear all, it was an unique experience to attend the online Meditation Workshop which was Full of SHRI MATAJIS Grace held on 28th April & 13th May2012. We collectively arranged in Chennai at our sub center so that more yogis could attend and get the experience of being one with Shri Mataji Effortlessly Just by praying to the Almighty from the core of the Heart. Many had attended from their home and one yogini who could not come had her Mobile connected to her brother staying Far away in Bareilley and enjoyed for an hour. Her comment is  that she would like to attend in person so that she can feel again and again blessing of Shri Mataji. Another yogini here in chennai could not come to the center as her husband was away on duty at his workplace.But he guided his wife  to get connected to the online link over the phone as she is not used to handling the computer.This sister was so joyful that on this day her 3 year old kid also was very calm and playing in  his ownself without disturbing her too much. This sister is totaly overjoyed and was saying that for so long years she was unawre that how Shri Mataji could answer and clear all the doubts and Bless when we humbly and deeply pray & praise Her from our Heart. There were few more who attended this online workshop for the first time and they felt the importance of getting into Thoughtless state and oneness with Shri Mataji to go and grow in the depth of the Divine Kingdom.

From: sitarama chandra
Date: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 9:55 PM
Subject:  online experiences

Dear brothers and sisters,
Jai Shri Mataji.
This time , in Chennai , we could enjoy collectively the on-line meditation with amplified sound . The clearance was palpable just before lunch session and post lunch was just beautiful with attention just not going anywhere. The effect of that is still on even today. As many desired , we can have these session once in a month - definitely. I desire that  yogis from all over the world - participate and rediscover themselves at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji.
Thank you Shri Mataji, once again for giving us such a beautiful collective experience.

With lots of love and respects

From: Amitesh Gaurav
Date: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 11:52 PM
Subject: Online Meditation on 13th May

Jai Shri MataJi,

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I write this with my heart filled with joy and gratitude, at the lotus feet of MOTHER, when I see thousands of people across 40 countries prayed collectively before our Holy MOTHER.

Only such collective offering before THE ADI SHAKTI is going to establish Nirvicharita in each one of us, which is the first step of Dhyan.

I have been blessed by  MOTHER to be part of such collective prayers for past few occasions.Each of such collective offerings was/is unique in its own way and cannot be expressed.Such experiences can only be felt,experienced and above all enjoyed.

Dear brother and sisters, I sincerely feel rather now have a very strong belief that only and only our MOTHER can solve,alleviate each of us of our problems,worries,apprehensions,distractions and misidentifications.And the way to HER is COLLECTIVITY coupled with NIRVICHARITA.

O MOTHER, please provide to each of us more and more such occasions of collective offerings, where we do nothing but simply SURRENDER,SURRENDER & SURRENDER.............

Jai Shri MataJi,

From: shetkar
Date: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 1:46 PM
Subject: Sahajayoga workshop on 13 th May'12

Dear Sahaji brothers
We have enjoyed the beautifull workshop.We have experienced the intensity of vibration very high which established our connection to Shree Mataji very well.It has made us to recognize Shree Mataji as Adi Shakti and our Guru with complete power.
We request you to conduct the same workshop every six month.
Raghunath Shetkar
Goa collectivity

From: Rajini kumari
Date: Wed, May 16, 2012 at 5:05 PM
Subject: overall super meditation & effortless day

From Your lovingly Child M.RAJINI KUMARI, Chennai.

My Dear Mataji,

Really i enjoyed a lot with only one mantra  SRI MATAJI, I don't know how to do effortless meditation, after i attend this seminar I say whatever thoughts/problems are coming just say SRI MATAJI, then I can merge with SRI MATAJI easily.  It is tremendous blissful, joyful experience.  I can stay in this position so many times in a day.  If suppose repeatedly thoughts/problems are coming just see the SRI MATAJI Photograph & just say I surrender ego, superego, conditioning & artificial seeking with your heart,  then it is easily solved & we get the solution immediately. Hereafters the problems/thoughts repeatedly coming/raised just write the letter daily to SRI Mataji and leave it to the SRI MATAJI simply merge with SRI MATAJI it is the final emancipation. She is the ADI SAKTI, TRIKALAMURTHI, she knows everything, so simply saying SRI MATAJI & merge with SRI MATAJI.  In the seminar all the songs are very nice, instrumental music is very very nice.  In instrumental music we can merge with SRI MATAJI easily & stay long time.   Totally very very nice & superb............................  

From: Neha Sharma
Date: Thu, May 17, 2012 at 11:42 AM
Subject: experience of workshop

Jai Shrimataji,
It is very joyous to read the experiences of meditation of dear Brothers and sisters.  I also would like to share a small but transforming experience that I had by the grace of Shrimataji of meditation workshop. During the meditation it was very blissful to just remember mother only with the desire to be in thy company. 
Much needed clearing was also happening spontaneously.But still because of my silly worry and fear about an assignment I could not retain the joy which was bestowed by divine Mother.  Finally when we collectively surrendered our Problems, I surrendered my worries and prayed for mother’s grace to complete the assignment. In the night though I was secretly praying that the work gets done by some miracle on its own  as I was feeling fatigued to do it myself, but if such a miracle had happened I would never have learnt what I was supposed to learn. Next morning in the meditation with Mother’s love and immense blessings I could again just enjoy remembering Mother and could experience that remembering mother is so joy giving.  Otherwise in our daily meditation we just put our attention to the problems of body or chakras, pray for them, when they get better we also feel better but this feeling better is nothing in comparison to the bliss that we experience in just remembering Mother and being with her in meditation. In such a state of bliss, I sat for my work and had the words in my heart that were said during the workshop that we should enjoy meditation and enjoy taking the name of Mother and as I started all my fears and worries were dissolved spontaneously and I enjoyed doing that assignment very much and then finished it in no time. I have no words to express my gratitude towards mother for teaching me that one should not be worried or scared about problems but just get in that joyous state where one is enjoying taking the name of Mother (possible only by divine grace) and then there is no fear but only enjoyment. Shrimataji I pray that this experience remains with me and gets engrained in me as well as in other brothers and sisters facing problems like me.

Neha Verma, Bangalore

From: Kishor dhopte
Date: Fri, May 18, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Subject: online meditation on 13th may

Jai Shri Mataji,
It was a wonderful experience of on-line meditation conducted by
Sahajyoga team from New Delhi on 13th may 2012. In fact it was rather an"AMRUT YOG" to meditate for the supreme mother of the universe"ADI SHAKTI SHRI MATAJI" on the auspicious occasion of world's "MOTHER'S DAY" by her childrens, at a time,from
over 39 countries.Our compassionate divine mother has also showered her blessings over her childrens on this graceful ocassion with blissfull state of "NIRVICHARITA" together with beautiful flow of vibrations.We all who attended this programme here & had this wonderful experience of mother's love & blessings through this on-line workshop most intensively feel & request the organizers that this online workshop may please be conducted every month on a suitable holiday,which will enable all the sahaj-yogi brother's &
sisters across the globe to meditate at a time,in order to achieve the global peace(Vishwashanti) for the betterment of all the human beings.

Thank you "SHRI MATAJI" & sahaj yogi brothers & sisters of the team.

Kishor Dhopte

From : Narendra Bansod, Nagpur

As it is always said the greatest things are the simplest. We are taught right through the childhood that the achievements are directly proportional to the efforts we put up. So we inculcate the feeling that whatever good is happening it is because of the efforts we put up. But actually in sahaj yoga we need not do anything, but paramchaitnya gets it done through us. This is a contradictory thought process of what we have been brought up with. This even explains why there are less number of intellectually inclined people who want to get the anubhuti of sahaj realization. As they cannot digest the fact that without any efforts just by meditating we can get the blessings & that underlines why every sahaji does not realize the complete value of our great mother’s love.
The selfless efforts put up by the team of at your lotus feet mother are really praiseworthy. The earnestness seen in the efforts are miraculously blessed by shree Mataji, which was very much evident by the vibrations during the workshop
Most of us come to sahaj yoga to be one with mother & this can only be achieved by meditating collectively which has been told repeatedly by our beloved mother. The paramchaitnya finds its own way of doing things. This can be very well exemplified by the online meditation initiative. We are quite sure that the whole world wide collectivity will be involved in the online meditation very soon & the number will go on increasing by the blessing of shree Mataji.
I have a request to the team of at your lotus feet mother  that such online meditation program should be conducted at least once a month which should be conveyed well in advance so that all the seeking yogees will keep the day free to be with our DIVINE MOTHER     
               --with regards-narendra bansod

From: Seema Talwar
Date: Fri, May 18, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Subject: Sahaj online meditation

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Jai Shree Mataji,
By the grace of our holy Mother, sahaj online meditation program was so wonderfully organised on 13th May, 2012, leaving us in nirvicharita for now and days to come. this is a beautiful way of getting collective and experiencing mother,s blessing on all of us. 

We pray to our holy Mother to bless us with many more collective program like such frequently.

Amiya and Seema Shukla

Jai shree mataji... We sahajyogis from Western Australia had a great experience of online meditation. We felt tremendous vibrations during the program. We also felt strong connection with the divine power. Thanks to all collectivity for organising such a program & we would also like to attend such program in future. May Mother bless all sahajyogis to get deeper and deeper in sahaja yoga. Regards, Deepesh Nitya Rimal

  1. Jai Shri Mataji

    Thanks a lot to Shri Mataji and those who conducted this Online Workshop. It has been a really nice experience sitting at home and meditating while being part of virtual collectivity.

    Today on my mother's birthday, Shri Mataji has given her such a wonderful birthday gift.

    Such workshops/ seminars/ programmes should get conducted.

    Jai Shri Mataji.

  2. Really very good and divine job,you all dears are doing,wonderful efforts i must say superb samarpan.
    may MAA bless you all a lottttttt

  3. Jai ShriMata Ji

    It has been really a joyfull experience sitting at home and being a part of the collective

    Gagan Sahni

  4. Jai Shri Mataji

    Continue to look for more such sittings.

  5. The online meditation program periodicity may please be done at least once a month if not once in a fortnight.There is a workshop coming up in Palakkad in the state of Kerala in south India on 26th and 27th of this month by the Children at the lotus Feet of MOTHER. It would be a pleasure to have as many yogis as possible to come and join the program to share their bliss with those at Palakkad. Prayers from those who cannot come will help make all of us enjoy the proximity of the DIVINE MOTHER.
    Mohandas, Bangalore

From: Manisha Yogeshwari
Date: Sun, May 20, 2012 at 12:11 AM

Jai Shri Mataji

it was such a joyous and a wonderous deliverance of the DIVINE  NECTAR TO US , i felt , when i listened to this ONLINE Meditation , i felt , some wave has come and in less than nano seconds, it took me along MY n our, COLLECTIVE SAHASARARA JOURNEY..... it was so beautiful,, beyond words, what a great way of Meditation it was,,  is,,, actually tough   technical meditations i cant do n it closes my heart, but this opened the coloured  flowers DIVINE BLESSINGS vistas for everyone...please forgive me, but i just cant explain in literal words, how good MEDITATION simply taking Mother's name with awe has taught us, actually lemme say, it did not cut the tree, it showed  us how  to sharpen 
the axe...we all got so much Divine connections , it connected us to MOTHER all the time, and actually , the experience of this Meditation is just inexplicable...
i wish all my kids,brothers and sisters , stay back home and do  meditation by just surrendering and opening our heart to our Holy Mother Shri Mataji. On sunday, we can just stay home on sundays, n purify ourself and get drenched in Divine NECTAR sprinkled by SHRIMATAJI, each moment..if you people want to give tribute to your elders and want to give them something in life, please arrange a laptop or desktop for them and  be there  to put this online meditation on for them,,every GLOBAL SUNDAY, Indiatime 10=am to 6=pm..I WILL PRAY FOR YOU BROTHERS AND SISTERS, ALL WHO WORKED FOR THIS MEDITATION....
your sister, 
manisha yogeshwari:

From: lalit bhandari
Date: Tue, May 22, 2012 at 4:07 PM
Subject: meditation

On 13 I atteneded online meditation it was brilliant just by reciting her name Shrimataji we could clear the chakras and listening to clips on thoughtlessness and taking the name of Shri Mataji we could go to nirvicharita I just wish there could be more of it. Sahastrar became full of chaitnaya and we could not ask for more  as we were immersed in coolness all the time. It was a tremendous experience of attending on line meditation the clearance of chakras by keeping right hand on the chakra and taking the name of Shrimataji hearing her clips was journey to thoughtlessness full of chaitnaya and sahastrar full of vibrations totaly as if you are in the presence of Shri Mataji how time flied only wish it could be done every day morning and evening.
Jai Shri Mata ji 
love to all 
Lalit Bhandari 

From: sonia satish
Date: Tue, May 22, 2012 at 9:45 PM
Subject: information about next session for meditation

jai shri mataji

we would ike to know the next session for meditation . The meditation on 13 May was very effective and almost touched the Divine Lotus feet

Pls let us know the next meditation session ?

with Nirmal deep Love

Sonia Satheesh


  1. Jai Shri Mataji

    Thanks a lot to Shri Mataji and those who conducted this Online Workshop. It has been a really nice experience sitting at home and meditating while being part of virtual collectivity.

    Today on my mother's birthday, Shri Mataji has given her such a wonderful birthday gift.

    Such workshops/ seminars/ programmes should get conducted.

    Jai Shri Mataji.

  2. Really very good and divine job,you all dears are doing,wonderful efforts i must say superb samarpan.
    may MAA bless you all a lottttttt

  3. Jai ShriMata Ji

    It has been really a joyfull experience sitting at home and being a part of the collective

    Gagan Sahni

  4. Jai Shri Mataji

    Continue to look for more such sittings.

  5. The online meditation program periodicity may please be done at least once a month if not once in a fortnight.There is a workshop coming up in Palakkad in the state of Kerala in south India on 26th and 27th of this month by the Children at the lotus Feet of MOTHER. It would be a pleasure to have as many yogis as possible to come and join the program to share their bliss with those at Palakkad. Prayers from those who cannot come will help make all of us enjoy the proximity of the DIVINE MOTHER.
    Mohandas, Bangalore