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Sunday, August 21, 2011


By the Grace of Param Pujya Shri Mataji , Amritsar collectivity organised a two day's meditation workshop for Punjab region with the help of Sahaji Brothers from Delhi on 14th and 15th of August 2011. The workshop was attended by about 200 Sahaji brothers and sisters from Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Abohar, Hoshiarpur, Chandigarh, Pathankot, Delhi, U.P., Chennai, Bangalore and nearby places of Amritsar.

The workshop started on 1st day
with three Mahamantras and collective stuti in the glory of Devi, Shri Adishakti Shri Mataji. 
The focus of the workshop was only on our Guru - Shri Mataji. An audio clip of Mother was played in which Mother has said 
SHE will be with us with all HER powers whenever we will remember HER with complete devotion and surrender but only condition is we have to be absolutely surrendered to HER. As soon as people started surrendering to Mother in their heart in silence, the  flow of vibrations started increasing and spontaneously every one started enjoying the bliss of 
thoughtlessness in Meditation without any efforts. 

                        As the meditation progressed everyone was told to keep right hand on different chakras and left hand towards the photograph. Everyone practically felt how easily by just praying to Shri Mataji our chakras get cleared through HER miraculous divine powers. The session was a lively and powerful experience accompanied with deep melodious Alaps sung in Indian Classical style by an accomplished Sahaja yogini sister,  from Kolkata with others yogis to evoke a deep feeling of awe for Param Pujya Shri Mataji who is omnipotent and omnipresent. Only when we surrender to HER and open our heart we start receiving HER blessings in the form of blissful state of Nirvicharita-this was practically experienced by all.
Luch break was announced around 2 Pm but everyone was enjoying the meditation so much that nobody felt like taking a break.  Post lunch another similar practical session followed with main emphasis on recognizing Mother as an incarnation and praying to HER photograph with complete devotion and dedication for surrendering all our emotional, Physical or financial problems at HER Lotus feet
to be able to enjoy meditation and state of Nirvicharita . The program concluded around 5 PM with everyone feeling a joyful state within.

Next day morning session started with a small puja and collective singing of Vande Matram to celebrate Independence day for which our Holy Mother and HER family had participated in the freedom struggle of India. The session was a repetition of previous day's experience accompanied with audio clips of Mother's speeches, instrumental music and collective bhajans devoted to Shri Mataji. A video was played to show  great miraculous powers of Mother's photograph which can suck all our medical problems instantly -it was shown practically with the help of an experiment by an Italian Doctor on his Vega machine. After this beautiful experience another very powerful experience everyone felt was by giving vibrations, as a demonstration, to a yuva Shakti boy and a girl sitting in front of the alter.  The session concluded with many people sharing on mike their beautiful experiences of attaining higher state in Meditation during this wonderful practical workshop. The session ended around 2 PM with the offering of Aarti to Holy Mother.                     

Photograph's Link :

We all bow down at The Lotus Feet of Holy Mother for giving us this wonderful opportunity to feel HER eternal Love and bliss of thoughtlessness state. 


Jai Shri Mata Ji

I am giving here my experiences of the Amritsar Seminar.
The Sahaja Yoga Seminar held in Amritsar on the 14th and 15th of August was very fruitful.  The most important achievement of the Seminar was the realization among the participants that Complete Surrender at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji was the only way one could attain the state of thoughtless awareness.  Instead of using mind and blindly indulging into rituals for the clearance of blocked chakras, one should sincerely endeavour to surrender one’s problems at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji and earnestly pray for her compassion.  The playing of clips of select excerpts from the talks of Shri Mataji supported the theme of the Seminar.  Effective use of music, particularly the Alaps and recorded instrumental was made to create an atmosphere for meditation.  The journey to the state of Nirvichara was slow but steady.  The sessions were conducted in a very relaxed manner.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying the just attained state of bliss.  The participants were so much overjoyed with the experience that a demand was made that more such Seminars be conducted frequently.

jai shri mataji

                                with the blessings of her holiness shrimataji i got a chance to attend the sahaja yoga meditation seminar on 14-15th august 2011. the main focus of the seminar was to attain a state of being thoughtlessly aware by praying to shrimataji. every session in this seminar lead to immense joy showering the lovely blessings of shri mataji.  meditaing on every chakra and nadi cleansed me which relaxed me and i was full of energy and this nirmal joy was felt by everyone in this seminar. at first thoughts were disturbing . but when i became more humble in praying to shri mata ji , then i became nirvichar. the beautiful thing which was helpful to become thoughtless was music.... the raag corresponding to every chakra was beneficial for cleasing that chakra.
 the  clips of shrimata ji shown after small intervals was very good for getting deep into meditation. the weather in amritsar was also very soothing which added to the blessings of shri mataji.the seminar was very divine and helped for the establishment of yogis in sahajayoga and feel the divine love of mother. i pray to shrimataji that everyone maintains this state of being thoughtlessly aware.

manjari saxena


                                     To all the loving children of SHREE MATA JI………..
Today I am going to share my experience for attendind the seminar in AMRITSAR. On 15 n 16 aug.With the grace of  SHREE MATA JI it was the 1st seminar organized by  AMRITSAR collectivity.  As sabhi ko lag raha tha k 1st tym karwa rahe hain to one day ka hi rakhte hain, as abhi humein experience nahi hai k kis tarah se sab kuch manage karna hai. Sabke liye  rehne ka arrangement, food arrangement n most importand DHYAN.At lat it was decided k nahi 2 days ka hi rakhte hain.. as karna to sab kuch MAA ko hai…humein to sirf jariya banna hai. N I am extremely happy to say that the seminar was AWSOME…. A lot  A lot of vibrations, the weather was so cool…it rained  too…n I was saying to myself k dekho MAA k pyar To akash se bhi baras raha hai… 
The decoration was so good n rangoli too…
                              Every1  was  enjoying  MAA’s  love  n  care  for  us.  This  seminar  was so simple  but  very  DEEP. No treatments, no Mantras for differest chakras  BUT  only  the  1 MANTRA  n  that is  ….SHREE  MATA  JI… nothing  else  is  important  for  a  sahajayogi. Nothing can come in between U  n  SHREE MATA JI…after u say  The BIGGEST MANTRA  of  the  universe  n  that  is  SHREE  MATA  JI….BUT  the  very  important  protocol  while  saying  this mantra  IS THAT  we have to say this with   अत्यंत नम्रता पूर्वक only then i Nothing else is  required for  a  sahajayogi.. after that everything is look after by OUR SHREE MATA JI…weater psysical , materialistic or financial prob. As GOD does n’t want anything from us… actually the reality is we don’t have anything to give HER as everything around us is of HER’s even then there is SOMETHING which we can give to HER  that  is  our  LOVE, our complete   DEDICATION   n   DEVOTION   towards HER…which I learnt from this seminar as before I say this problem then which treatment ….. but now i  ask  my   heart  ANY  PROBLEM   n  it  says NO PROBLEM !..... 
The  clips n music was so  calm  that  make  us  realize  that  SHREE MATA JI  is  alwaz  with us…alwaz……SHE has given us a lot but the main thing is we have to realize that we  r  having n alwaz be THANKFUL  to  HER…
 Lastly 1 bhaiya  from  LUDHIANA  shared  his  experience  of  the seminar n he said SHREE MATA JI  हमें क्रिया से निकल कर अवस्था मैं ले जाईये.THIS lines touched me a lot now I alwaz use this words infront of SHREE MATA JI N I feel  soo good. As this is a very short line but  very  deep  n NEED , WANT  n  WISH  of every SAHAJAYOGI..........

A BEAUTIFUL PRAYER~~~~ MOTHER......when i loose hope please help me to remember that UR LOVE is GREATER than  MY DISOPPOINMENTS.... . N  UR  PLANS for my  life  are   BETTER than MY DREAMS..
                                                     NAMRATA JINDAL..
                                              SAHAJYOG   PARIWAR........

From: chaitanya kaul
Date: Wed, May 16, 2012 at 11:06 PM
Subject: Feedback amritsar trip

Jai Shree Mata Ji
The amritsar workshop was all divine.It felt like by remembering MOTHER all 

of my load was slowly ,nicely being unloded in the lotus feet of Shree Mata mother was herself was removing all the baggage(heavyness or allthe things which attention collects when not dissolved in mother) her self .Each time the name was taken one felt better and closer to mother.
On arriving in the city there was a feeling that one gets before diving in a pool of joy!!
When the meditation started there was a little uncomfortable feeling like if was'nt able to FULLY surrender to mother but slowly after a while it felt much better as compared to in the begining.
In the evening session the surrender improved,  remembering mother on all the chakre's+ aalpas was very soothing.
It was like slowly going into effortlessness ie mother herself bathing us in her divine love without we trying to bath ourselves . ....


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