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Monday, May 16, 2011


Jai  Shri mataji
Kerala State Sahaja Yoga Coordination Committee
To .
    State/City/Centre Coordinator
    Welcome to the land of looms and lore’s.  By our Holy Mothers Grace Kerala state seminar will be conducted on 7th 8th of may 2011 at Govt. Town Girls Higher secondary School, Thalassery, Kannur District, Kerala State. The seminar will make us feel the divine love grace and compassion of our Divine Mother on our subtle system. Every moment we feel the divine miracle, specially the blissful experience of collective Dhyan, the rarest divine connection the Ekakrihta with the all mighty Holy Mother. Shri Nalgirakerji and other SahajaYogies from Delhi will be coming to conduct the session and share this Divine Experience to us. We shall all pray to our Holy Mother to guide us on the below mentioned aspects.
The importance of Shri Mataji’s photograph
Shri Mataji’s photograph is enlightened with all pervading powers which flows from our Mother’s great photograph and works on our spiritual physical and emotional sides. We can feel it collectively.
Meditation and Nirvicharita (Thoughtless Meditation)
How effortlessly Shri Mataji’s powers take us into Meditation. Shri Mataji’s Param Chaitanya, which shows in Nirakar form, takes us effortlessly in to meditation and bliss of Nirvicharita. We will pray in collective and will experience unique divine experience on our entire subtle system.
Clearance of Chakras
Shri Mataji is the source of divine love and compassion. When we pray from our heart to Mother, the most powerful mantra, the name of our Holy Mother works and cleanses all the chakras and nadis and we get the blissful experience by the grace of Shri Mataji.

The programme scheduled as follows
7th May 2011 Saturday

 8.00 – 09.00             Registration
09.00 – 09.30            Welcome Address
09.30 – 11.00            Session I – Questions & Answers.
                                   Importance of Dhyan of Holy Mother and how    
                                  She enlightens our Nadis, Chakras and entire   
                                  subtle system. How powers of Mother’s Photograph  
                                  Miraculously cures all our problems.                                    
11.00 – 11.15           Break 
11.15 – 12.45           Session II
       How to go into meditation and how beautifully
                             Shri Mataji grants us Nirvichar state.
12.45 – 13.15               How Powerfully our connection gets established with         Mother and then her powers   starts flowing in every aspect of our life.
13.15 – 14.30              Lunch Break
14.30 – 16.00              Session III – How effortlessly Shri Mataji’s powers takes us into Meditation.
16.00 – 16.30              Tea / Coffee Break
16.30 – 19.00              Session IV – Clearance of Chakras
            19.00 – 20.30            Cultural Programme
            20.30 – 21.00             Dinner

8th May 2011 Sunday

           05.00 – 06.00              Morning Meditation
09.00 – 10.30              Session V – Experiencing bliss of Divine
    Omnipresence of Goddess Shri Adi Shakti’s
    powers on Nadis and Chakras.
            10.30 – 11.00            Tea / Coffee Break
            11.00 – 12.30            Session VI – How to exchange vibrations.
12.30 – 13.00              How to seek solution of our problems at the
                    lotus feet of  Mother.
13.00 – 14.30              Lunch Break
14.30 – 15.15              Session VII –Meditation
15.15 – 17.00              Sahashrara Puja
17.00 – 17.15              Concluding Session
17.15 – 17.30              Tea / Coffee Break

The program will be conducted with the collective participation of all the sisters and brothers and will be inter spread with Audio/Videos of Shri Mataji and collective Bhajans in the praise and glory of our Holy Mother.
Charges for the seminar as under

Staying  in collectivity, including Meals & Puja Samarpan*Staying Charges (Two Days) From 7th  to 8thMay Non Staying Registration Charges (including Meals)One Day
For Single Adult500/-300/-200/-
For Yuva Shakti (Unemployed)    (12 – 24))


For Children  (6– 12)

The payment may be made directly in to the account SBI current A/C No.31052197982, Thalassery Branch. The last day for the registration is 20th April 2011. (If anyone needs special accommodation Ac Rooms/Non A/c rooms, the same will arranged under intimation to the co coordinator who is in charge of accommodation before 25th April 2011)
Reaching the seminar Venue
There is hardly 1km from Thalassery Railway Station and Bus stand to the venue. Nearest Airport in Calicut and it is in 100km from the venue.

Contact Person for Registration
Mr.Ramadasan  09446512356.
Contact Person for Accomadation.
Mr.Ranjith Kumar 9497141163.
Contact Details
Mr.P.P.Saseendran   09349125064
(Kerala State Co ordinator)
Mr.Prajeesh.P       0964005231,
(Kerala State YuvaShakthi Coordinator)
Mr.Pradeepan 09495722204
(City co ordinator Thalassery)
Mr.Manoj K.P   09446651871
(Join City Coordinator Thalassery)

Yours sincerely
For  KeralaState SahajaYoga Committee
(State Co ordinator Kerala State)

ON 7 AND 8 MAY 2011

1. A Sahajyoga workshop on Meditation was conducted in Thallassery town of north Malabar of Kerala on 7 and 8 May 2011. The main emphasis was how powerful our Holy Mother’s name is and how it can give us the experience of all aspects of sahaja yoga meditation.
2. Sahaji’s from Kerla, Tamilnadu and Delhi had conducted this workshop and it was attended by about 600 beautiful children of Shri Mataji who were seeking only Mother. The Workshop was conducted in the Government Matriculation School near MG Road about a Kilometer from the Thallassery Railway Station.
3. The altar of Shri Mataji was decorated with fragrant jasmine and rose and bunches of other beautiful flowers. The Cermonial Red umbrella with golden trinkets stood above the photograph of the Mother as a mark of honour for Param Pujya Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi. The roof of the shamiana near the altar had bunches of yellow ‘konna’ (amaltash) and tender papal leaves alternating. Both of these are considered auspicious in this part of the country.
4. The meditation program had the core essence of Mother’s various lectures played and the following aspects were covered-
a. How to pray for thoughtlessness
b. How to get into effortless Meditation.
c. How to exchange vibrations
d. How to clear the chakras and nadis by using only the way Shri Mataji has taught us.
e. That bliss only starts when no one and nothing (our thoughts, any so called personality of a yogi and our emotions for any other yogi as a teacher/preacher) is there between the seeker and the Ekakarita with our Holy Mother.
5. It was reinforced that on our own we cannot clear or Meditate, but it is granted simply by the almighty Mother by our desire and prayers to Shri Mataji.
6. Feed back of the participants indicated that they had experienced thoughtlessness in this measure for the first time effortlessly by simply praying from the heart. Some of them were practicing Sahajyoga for more than a decade and not getting the bliss of divine connection strongly and continuously. And the wonderful experience everyone felt when they surrendered all their problems of their life at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji resulted in total silence and peace within them. And all the pressures and fear of the problems vanished from their system.
7. The basic simple nature of the people was visible in the ease which they took to meditation, unmindful of missing the tea breaks. They themselves expressed surprise that they could sit for virtually the whole day on both the days.
8. On 08 May 11, in the post lunch session the workshop culminated with a vibrant Sahastrar pooja with the representatives for the pooja including yogis from Chennai and Nellore. Songs like Aaj hai aaj hai poojan shri maa ka rendered by local yuva and a Malayalam bhajan set in tradiditional bhajan tune, saying that it is essential for every Sahajayogi to see the Divine face of Shri Mataji on waking up every morning brought a feeling of intense bhakti.
9. Thallassery means ‘head ok’. No other name would have been more appropriate as one enjoyed the Sahastrar pooja amidst the simple folks of the small town driven by their intense desire for Meditation.


Jai Sri Mataji!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Brothers,

I want to share my experiences about Workshops which i was fortunate to attend at both Chennai And Thalaserry.
First of all i want to thank from bottom of my heart to SriMother and to you brothers to come all the way and meditate with us.
I want to write my experience on the day when i attended Chennai workshop but i could not do that at that time.

My Experience During And After attending workshop at Chennai

The Only thing we did in seminar is meditating on SriMataji ,and also it was proved that in each and every single minute in the seminar that whenever an heart-full desire reaches mother it comes back as greater showers of love from Her.This experience of proof has brought me closer to SriMataji a lot.
I could say that the impact of the workshop was not only for those two days but its there till this moment i am writing this email and it continues.
I could easily say the workshop has changed me lot that i could put SriMataji before every thing not only in meditation but in each and every moment of life.
I could feel SriMataji with us in day to day life and all aspects of life because after attending the workshop we could easily understood that there is nothing important,nothing beautiful than being with SriMother all the time.
Whenever i am having problem subtly i started praying to mother that please take over And it worked beautifully on me,that i am spending quality time with mother rather than wasting on mundane things.This was the point which is emphasized in the seminar.

This is an Overwhelming desire of me that i could attend the same workshop again and again to get closer and closer to SriMother's Love.
I am extremely fortunate to attend Workshop at Thalaserry.

My Experience During And After attending workshop at Thalaserry.

The ambiance where Kerala sahaja yogis have decorated mother is so loving and wonderful.It was like seeing our Holy Mother sitting in between LOVE and blessing us.The only thing i felt at workshop is that the moments which we are spending at Mothers Lotus feet should stop and enjoy the state at her Lotus Feet.I haven't felt like coming out from that state,which all the other yogis also felt the same.

I could only say that the thirst to be with mother has increased so much after the workshops and i thank to Mother and to you brothers for the same.
Thanks for bearing with me through out this Email.

We Collectivity of Chennai are waiting to meet Mother so deeply in the coming Workshop at Yercaud.And we welcome you from our hearts to collectively worship Mother and get drenched in her LOVE.
Jai Sri Mataji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nirmal Prem,


Dear brothers  and sisters ,

By the grace of SHRI MATAJI We had the sahajayoga workshop on april 7 and 8 in kerala , Thalassery . sahajis from delhi , tamilnadu and andhra came . delhi sahaja brothers conducted the meditation . It was such a wonderful and great experience for all the yogis of kerala . we all were taken to such height of meditation using the great mantra "SHRI MATAJI" . Also the importance of  MOTHERs  photograph  were taught by the yogis , that it was not only a photo but our  MOTHER  itself . Thanks for all the brothers and sisters who came from delhi . we too enjoyed the bhajans and had the sahastrara puja with all our brothers and sisters of delhi. And the most important thing is now while we meet all the yogis who participated in the workshop , says that we reach into nirvicharita soo simply as per the meditations conducted by delhi brothers , we all are very thankful to you all . Look forward for all of you again in kerala . Thank you for taking us to such a great experience . MANY MANY Thanks  to SHRI MATAJI .
MANY MANY thanks to all brothers and sisters.

and  on the behalf of all the brothers and sisters of kerala ,

JAI SHRI MATAJI  to ALL of you .
Love you all .

kerala .

Avinash Nirmal

Jai Shri Mataji

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