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Monday, February 14, 2011


Jalandhar is a fast developing city of Punjab. Sahaja yogis from this city organised first ever Sahaja Yoga
Meditation workshop on 12th and 13th February 2011. This workshop was attended by around 150 people
from Jalandhar, Jamuu, Pathankot, U.P., Delhi and nearby places. The program started in the afternoon on 12th Feb. with collective meditation of our beloved Guru, Param Pujya Shri Mataji. The collectivity experienced how effortlessly we all can get into the blissful state of Nirvicharita by just doing the Dhyan of Shri Mataji and not by doing Dhyan of our Nadis or Chakras or getting into any techniques. This was very beautifully experienced with the help of the audio/video clips of Shri Mataji speeches  and Bhajans sung in HER glory. No body realised that within no time it was already 7.30 PM. A sumptus and delicious dinner was served with love and devotion by the Jalandhar collectivity which was deeply enjoyed by all. After the dinner nobody was prepared to sleep and sat around in the Hall to share experiences of Sahaja Life and collectively sing Bhajans till late night. Next day morning started with morning meditation by listening to speech of Shri Mataji. After a small break , again all collectively sat down and meditated like last evening. It was followed with clearance of chakras by placing hand on all chakras one by one and praying to Shri Mataji
with thoughtlessness. The programe ended in the afternoon after Aarti. Everybody left after sharing deep loving moments and joyful experience of blissful thoughtlessness by the blessings of our Divine Mother



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